Le Rev

Le Rev


Formed by CC Sheffiled and Nico Chiotellis, Dark but danceable.. emotional and raw. Described as a mix between Blondie, Blonde Redhead.


As the story goes CC was underage, Nico smoked too many cigarettes and neither of them spoke french when Le Rev was formed in a basement room in LA to escape their current enviroments. Intimate and Dark but also uplifting and often Danceable, Le Rev comes from a crossroads in life with a need to drive forward. Compared to the Kills , Pj Harvey, and the energy of Bjork, Le Rev has quiclky carved out a name for itself as one of the truly original Los Angeles bands. Live they are know for their raw, overpowering emotional performances lead by the ever unpredictable stage antics of front girl CC Sheffield.


Le Rev - Produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers)
Veres And Curses - Produced by Nico Chiotellis
Le Rev -LE Rules!!! - Produced by Nico Chiotellis

Set List

7 songs.. 35 min