L.E.R.O.Y. aka Mr.Greenbud
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L.E.R.O.Y. aka Mr.Greenbud

Band Hip Hop Blues


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The best kept secret in music


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Feeling a bit camera shy


L.E.R.O.Y. born Daniel Lewis Dickson Jr. was birthed in Sumter, South Carolina from two hard working parents; a mother from a military family and a father who joined the army. At the age of two, while living in California, L.E.R.O.Y.’s parents divorced. After the divorce L.E.R.O.Y.’s mother sent him back to the South to his Grandparents, months before bringing herself and L.E.R.O.Y.’s older sister. This was the time when music started being a big influence in L.E.R.O.Y.’s life. In the South he was always around his two aunts who were vocalists in their younger years. . Always being around his aunts it was natural for L.E.R.O.Y to start mocking their musical ability. L.E.R.O.Y. is inspired by many things, but music is the one that keeps him sane and level headed. As L.E.R.O.Y. entered middle school, entertainment and music caught his attention. The school he went to offered drama class, but L.E.R.O.Y. and the teacher didn’t see eye to eye. This caused L.E.R.O.Y. to drop the class and in turn, he began writing poems that he turned into lyrics. As L.E.R.O.Y. got older, high school sports, girls, money, drugs, etc. was affecting his life; not to mention protecting his mother from an abusive husband. But that didn’t stop L.E.R.O.Y. from pursuing his musical ambitions. At the age of eighteen, L.E.R.O.Y. recorded his first song that began to mold him into the talented and devoted artist he is today. L.E.R.O.Y. has been a part of many groups, movements, and etc., that he decided to pursue his music career solo, or until he could find one connection that would take him to the next level. Having opened up for acts like, “The Roots”, “Slum Village”, “Luniz”, and a myriad of local artists in the Puget Sound area L.E.R.O.Y. is ready to break out of the box. In the end of 2005 L.E.R.O.Y. was signed to Indie Label, “Cause-N-Effect Wrecards. Since L.E.R.O.Y. is hard at work on his mix-tape titled, “4 My Kin Folk” scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2006. In the meantime L.E.R.O.Y. is staying busy working on a couple solo projects and joint ventures with others. Look forward to see what L.E.R.O.Y. (Language Education Raw Over Yah’ll) brings to the table in 2006.