Leroy Justice

Leroy Justice

 New York City, New York, USA

NYC's Leroy Justice has the same spark as early Black Crowes and Mother Hips. There's enough twang to make you think it's southern rock but the tender lyrical turns tie them closer to Springsteen and other Northeast roots rockers. Their debut is great and they kick ass live.


Like a roadhouse ghost rattling his chains, Leroy Justices debut album, Revolutions Son, comes to life. Their revolution is the same one rock n roll has been fighting since the blues and country bedded down together to water the tree of musical liberty with the blood of true patriots. Leroy Justice opens a vein thats colored like the Black Crowes, Marah, Old 97s and vintage Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Its roots music that never strays too far from the garage or an open whiskey bottle.

Chief lyricist, hickory smoked vocalist and shred-tastic guitarist Jason Gallagher discusses the bands lawman name, It has a good mix of soul (ala Leroy) and Americana (ala Justice). Leroy is the name of our friend Stoney's father. Literally. He owns an auto body shop and couple of poker machines, and plays a wicked telecaster. He lives in South Carolina. We wanted a good name. He has one of the best. We used it.

From the opening one-two punch of Revolutions Son and Bender on through slow burners like Belt Buckle and Hey Baby Its Me, their debut mixes youthful energy with a surprising confidence that recalls Lynyrd Skynyrd, MOFRO and Little Feat all groups that seemed to arrive fully formed, ready to use dead solid songs & heartfelt playing to whip you up something that sticks to your ribs. The young Bruce Springsteen in his arc towards Born To Run also springs to mind. Leroy Justice vibrates with the same kind of promise these powerful ancestors had.

It's soulful rock. Like American rock. Like rip your heart out and drink it down rock. It's the rock we grew up on, says Gallagher. Theres a distinctly Muscle Shoals vibe, especially when Anise White belts it like a 60s Atlantic Records soul sister behind Gallagher. When you find out theyre from New York City it throws you for a bit of a loop. When I think of Southern rock, I think of confederate flags and long hair and harmonizing guitar leads. We aren't really into all that, offers Gallagher. We are into playing in the pocket and kind of can't listen to indie/pop/metal rock though. THAT's kind of southern.

When I came to NYC, I was writing ballad/folk songs. When the band started, everything got louder. In a good way, Gallagher recalls. There's just something about the city that makes you want to make people shake their asses, sweat a little bit, and raise their drinks and yell YEAH. Our sound adjusted, and there was no looking back.

Bassist Bradley Wegner further excavates their sound, My influences draw more from the R & B end of things. I learned how to play music through Parliament/Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Beastie Boys, Taj Mahal and Motown. The day I bought my first bass a got home and pieced together Rage Against the Machine "Take the Power Back". Walking side by side with all of this were always great songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Blind Melon. Neil Young's Harvest and Harvest Moon were the Cocoa Puffs of my childhood.

The band performs regularly in New York and is branching out into the Northeast. An upcoming appearance at Austins South By Southwest Festival will introduce them to an even wider audience. In the meantime, theyll be bending an elbow and breaking hearts. Its what rock & roll outlaws do.

Leroy Justice has participated in plenty of bad behavior in our time, says Gallagher. We just think bad behavior creates some of the best, as well as some of the most regrettable times in our lives. Both are worthy of a good rock song.


Revolution's Son

Written By: Jason Gallagher


I won’t pay for no gasoline
I’ll find my own way home
I won’t appear in no magazine
Get your hand off my arm
I got the love get on the road

I won’t bleed for what you believe
Jesus don’t talk to me
The preacher got somethin’ up his sleeve
He entertains me though, don’t he you?
He got the love get out the door

The revolution
It has a new son
The revolution

Lead or you will be led
That’s the last thing she said to me
Feed me or you will be fed
To the lions at the bottom of my sea
I got the love get out the door

The revolution
It has a new son
The revolution
The benediction
It’s an addiction

I can hear them horses rumblin’
And I can see them torches comin’
Can’t you hear his speech is stumblin’?
Get you head on the road
Freedom’s bought and sold

The revolution
It has a new son
The revolution

Hey Baby It's Me

Written By: Jason Gallagher


You’ve been here three days straight
So long, surprised you didn’t leave again
Why haven’t you called?

Cleaned up my room, I cleaned up my act
Figured out what I want, then I subtract
It’s like you always said
Hey baby it’s me, now come on down from your head

Almost out of booze tonight
You understand with your Ballantine’s
International song
Hey baby it’s me, now come on over the pond
Hey Hey baby it’s me, you said it won’t be long

All he says, it’s just so sweet
It’s lightin’ up your eyes
It’s how he tells all his truth
And keeps you away from lies, and he lies

Don’t I look good tonight
My head bigger than I would like
Without you I am shrinking
Hey baby it’s me of who I am thinking
Hey hey baby it’s me of who I am thinking

All he says, it’s just so sweet
It’s lightin’ up your eyes
It’s how he tells all his truth
And keeps you away from lies
So don’t you be afraid to fly

Take my heart down
Taste that new sound
Paint the wall again
Hey baby it’s me


Written By: Jason Gallagher


I been on a bender
I’m gonna start a war
I been on a bender
Gonna tell you what for
I won’t surrender
I want victory
Been on a bender
Now will you defend me

I been on a bender
Your money’s no good round here
Been on a bender
You look like hell and smell like beer
You want to end her
Country music told you so
Been on a bender
But she’s far too strong I know

Why don’t you come on home make your country proud
Your head strong your voices loud
Won’t you come on home, make your country proud
Your head strong, your voices loud
Your voices loud

I been on a bender
You’re gonna start my war
Been on a bender
Gonna tell my mother what for
You won’t surrender
Daddy wants victory
Been on a bender
And lady justice weeps


Revolution's Son (LP, 2006)
Leroy Justice (EP, 2005)

Several tracks from Revolution's Son are receiving Triple-A and College radio play.

All songs are available through streaming

Set List

Between 45min-1hr15min. Combination of songs from Revolution's Son, 2 or 3 new songs, couple older ones and the occasional cover.