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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
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"Covered in Roses"

It's all about... Timing. Having happened across San Diegan synth-dreamers LES?NDS but a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of minutes before we'd fallen totally for their sun-kissed blend of East Coast electronics and West Coast synth-pyschodelia, and a only day or two later that we agreed it was like, probably a good idea to have them appear here, all up in your face an' ears an' that.

A recent name-change has reinvigorated the Californians - currently amassing both an enviable list of live shows and Stateside label interest - and blessed us with beautifully blissed-out beach hymns such as Pretenders, the first taste of many good things to come from their forthcoming debut EP.

I can't quite believe I made it all the way through this post without saying something like, 'I hate sand in my eyes... But I love LES?NDS in my ears!'

TIMING. - Illegal Tender Magazine


In this glacial winter we're experiencing here in Melbourne, it's always nice to come across a band that transports you to a beach somewhere and that warms the soul. LES?NDS are a quartet coming out of San Diego, California that are temporarily unsigned with massive label interest. With their forthcoming debut EP on it's way, 'Pretenders' is the perfect introduction to a band bound for big things. - Skeleton Jamboree

"Song of the Day: LESANDS "Pretenders""

WOW! To go along nicely with this gorgeous day here in Los Angeles, the sneak preview EP we just received by the San Diego act, LES?NDS, is sunlight and golden. Formerly the band known as ARROWWS, the five-song EP opens up with this track, “Pretenders” and then splashes around marvelously. Expect to hear more from us on them, and from them, in the coming months. I smell a Rumbbbbbbbleeeeee. The band is playing tonight @ The Soda Bar in San Diego. - Future Sounds

"One to Watch: Lesands"

We stumbled upon the music of Lesands a couple of weeks back and as soon as we heard stand out track Easy To Please we were hooked and excited about this new band from San Diego, CA. We are placing our bets here at DRM RLL PLS that Lesands are going to join Foster The People, Theophilus London and Young Empires as the breakthrough acts from across the pond this year.

The band have recently uploaded live videos onto their Myspace which you can check out below. We’ll be keeping you up to date with Lesands as well as any news on them coming over to the UK. For now, check out the music and get involved. - DRM RLL PLS

"On the List: Lesands @ Echo Curio (7.28.2010)"

Wednesday night we continued our Pan-American journey and headed to Echo Park's Echo Curio to catch one of our favorite new bands, San Diego's LESANDS. Much of this favoritism was based on the strength of one song, "Pretenders" and a lights-out EP their management sent over a few weeks back, leaving us in search of the live iteration. The Echo Curio might not have seemed like the perfect location for a band on the rise (no stage monitors, about the size of your parents living room, all tile) but it turned out perfectly: sweaty kids, a good crowd and enough decibels to vibrate your drink in your hand.

After a surprisingly loud and stunningly good set by LA's Roughed Up Folk, and a quick trip across the street for $2 Margarita night (Echo Park has downs but she has ups), LESANDS hit the stage around 11. A four-piece plus sampled synths and loops, the band is a wall of sound live. Of course, this says nothing of the live (and studio) strength of the song-writing on "Pretenders," the night's second song and a dead-ringer for a dubby version of Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition." The band also played "Growing," even more enjoyable in echoing, shuddering volume. The lead singer apologized before their second-to-last song because he felt it was a little, "hip-hoppy." It wasn't, but it was absolutely enormous with peeling loops and samples washing over the audience like a well-directed and favorable swell.

The crowd spilled out onto Sunset and waited for the final band of the night to play. LESANDS packed their gear and you had to feel this band won't be playing 500 square-foot storefronts much longer. They didn't play like they were above this, but soon it will certainly be behind them - 32ft/second

"Lesands: BeatCrave Fav"

If you heard the music of Lesands, it would be easy to mistake the San Diego band as contemporaries of the Cocteau Twins or the Smiths. Lesands has captured the quintessential 80’s dance synth-pop sound and distilled it for a modern audience. The relatively new band hasn’t been on the scene for a long time, but they hit the ground running with a west coast tour in progress, a review in the UK publication Illegal Tender, and even a spin on KCRW Radio.

A true gem in their music is definitely “Pretenders”, a song that captured my attention on first listen. The vocals kind of sound like a new wave version of the smiths, and the sustained synth chords ride over the dance pop drumbeat. The four men of Lesands are impressively talented and their music is mature—from the vocals to the dreamy synth-heavy melodies. Make sure you check out Lesands in the BeatCrave Fav series below! - BeatCrave


Still working on that hot first release.



We are a new band from San Diego, CA. Hello.