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"Voodoo in Vancouver "

o, you’re not dreaming. The dead have come to life and they are singing the blues in Vancouver, B. C. These aren’t just any walking dead… These are Lords of the Cemetery in their long black coats, beaver top hats and dark glasses. They are Les Barons (The Barons, for those of you french challenged, and please say it right- you don’t pronounce either “s”). They are also just the kind of thing you might expect to see lurking in the shadows of some bayou boneyard, shovels in hand, escorting the souls of those departed to the murky waters beyond.

I admit, I haven’t been to Vancouver. I met these guys online, as we share the same favorite band. I liked what I saw, so I sent my $15 and purchased their CD, Songs from the House by the Cemetery. It arrived a few weeks later, complete with autographs, and I put it in heavy rotation!

From the opening whimsy of Les Barons’ Cartoon Theme to the bonus x-mas tracks at the end, this is one solid stomp through the backwaters of rock-n-roll! It conjures up many a vision of cypress trees and mausoleums, of voodoo charms and drunken nights on Bourbon Street. Not since Grant Lee Buffalo’s ode to the Dixie Drug Store have I seen the voodoo spirits conjured up so vividly outside the crescent city. Les Barons do it right.

There is a beautiful blend of music here… Bluesy shuffles like Cemetery Man which highlight the slick slide work of Baron Evan, tinges of jazz guitar within the lament of The Bottle, the haunting organ and guitar menace of Bury Me Deep and true to their voodoo roots there are plenty of hands on drum skins, particularly in Phone Call and Hoodoo Woman Blues.

Baron Exu is the leader of this band of graveyard diplomats. His rich, deep vocals tie all the musical influences together and his devotion to all things voodoo, gives the band their unique image and some extra mojo to boot!

Rounding out the band: Baron Paul tinkles the ivories, adding a nostalgic aura to the sound and shining brightly (or darkly) on House by the Cemetery. Backing this all up, is a dynamic rhythm section featuring former members, Baron Ched and Baron Rick. The latter have been replaced by Baron Steve on upright bass and Baroness (or is it Madame?) Joni on the drums, and judging by the video on their MySpace page these two are very worthy. Listen for yourself at: www.myspace.com/lesbarons, then go over to www.lesbarons.net and buy the disc.

The future looks rosy and I can’t wait to see what Les Barons come up with next!

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Songs From The House By The Cemetery (cdr)
Xmas With Krampus (cdr single)



"Les Barons" was formed to record and perform the blues songs of Exu Nazares, former singer of "Windwalker" and "The Technicians Of The Sacred".
Originally tracked on a 4 trk cassette by Exu from 1987-1989 one take usually, and then filed away for about 15 years. These songs documented the angst and experiences of growing up in spooky rural areas, and various spiritual dramas unfolding in the surrounding woods.The original recordings were scratchy and old sounding, recorded in a house by a cemetery behind a tombstone manufacturing plant. Flash forward 15 or so years. Les Barons is formed. Starting initially as a 2 piece featuring Baron Evan on harp, Les Barons recorded "House By The Cemetery". Soon after two became 4 with the addition of Baron Rick on drums and Baron Mark on bass. After various line-up changes a recording was made with Rick on drums, before he left, then more changes until the resulting band consists of: Baron Exu-Lead Vox,Rythm Guitar Baron Evan-Slide Guitar,Harp Baron Paul-Keyboards Baroness Joni-Drums,Backing Vox.

Past members include:
Baron Mike-Bass,Backing Vocals,Congas
Baron Ched-Bass
Baroness Omo-Vocals
Baron Doug-Drums