Les Batinses

Les Batinses


Inspired and explosive, Les Batinses happily give purists a run for their money by putting out a new breed of traditional folk music. Virtuosity is the name of the game as the musicians stretch the musical boundaries of their craft. Les Batinses - Kick-ass traditional folk music. One hell of a ride.

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Seppuku records
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Eaux-de-vies - LIVE CD /DVD - Year // 2005
Production // Les disques Suppuku & Les Batinses

L’Autre monde - Audio CD - Year // 2002
Producer // Les productions Milles-Pattes

Tripotage - Audio CD - Year // 2000
Producer // Les productions Milles-Pattes

Charivari - Audio CD - Year // 1997 (reedition 2006)
Producer // Les Batinses

Minuit trois - Audio casette - Year // 1996
Producer // Les Batinses