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Les Baton Rouge


Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Good post punk in a true sense"

Les Baton Rouge, New York 2003 or England Rough Trade circa 1979? This band, with Suspiria on vocals, is creating quite a big buzz. Good post punk in a true sense like Siouxie, Slits or Uxa. This may be lumped in a being Riot Grrrl, but is cooler than that, is very cool!

- Maximum Rock n´Roll Magazine USA

"Marlene Dietrich of punk rock"

Suspiria Franklyn - the front woman, singer and guitar player. The critics call her the Marlene Dietrich of punk rock due to her irresistible beauty, sensuality and irreverent wild talent. This band is a blast on stage. Oh yeah. ladies and gentleman, Les Baton Rouge will finally tour in Germany. Everybody is waiting, you can´t miss! - Hit It Magazine, Germany

"Smart and Raw"

My Body-The Pistol" record is raw and raucous, smart and sassy, all at the same time.

- Rocktober Magazine, USA

"some of the music´s finest living history"

Suspiria Franklyn penetrates all the empty spaces from the first note to the last. "My Body-The Pistol", produced by Tim Kerr, is some of the music´s finest living history.

- Quintessencial Church of Girl Sound, USA


"My Body-The Pistol-Les Baton Rouge" LP (2004) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Chloe Yurtz-Les Baton Rouge" EP (2003) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Women Non-Stop-Les Baton Rouge" LP (2002) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Sexcentric-Les Baton Rouge" EP (2001) Munster Records - Madrid, Spain


Feeling a bit camera shy


Suspiria and James grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon/Portugal , with a lot of will but nothing to do!

It all went right but it wasn’t enough! So in the end of 1998 they started a New Wave/No Wave/Punk band that caught the immediate attention of kids and the police.

After touring intensively in Portugal , Spain and USA , they left their tiny universe and moved towards Berlin from 2002 till 2006.

Both of them played in other bands since 1994, such as Everground or Kiute Loss, but it was with Les Baton Rouge that they start to make worldwide tours, including 2 major tours in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Austria) and 3 major tours in U.S.A., passing through festivals like SXSW (Texas) or clubs like CBGB´s (New York), Maxwell´s (Hoboken), Silver Lake Lounge (L.A.) or Crocodile Café (Seattle), as well as several TV shows like Chic-Go-Go (Chicago), Fearless Music (New York), Texas Live TV (Texas) & radio live performances all over the States and Europe.

They already shared the stage with artists like Sylvain Sylvain ( New York Dolls), Marky Ramone (Ramones), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Peaches, Dick Dale, Tim Kerr (Big Boys), The Hives, Joan Jett, Franz Ferdinand, Toy Dolls... among many others.

Their last record, My Body-The Pistol, was released in early 2004 by Elevator Music Records in New York, and counts with the production and collaboration of the mythical name of Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Now Time Delegation, Monkey Wrench) and it went directly to the CMJ American Charts, receiving numerous raves all over the world.

Les Baton Rouge also performed in places outside of the typical Rock circuit like libraries, strip clubs, prisons and psychiatric institutions, being considered as one of the most intense and best live bands.