Les Baton Rouge

Les Baton Rouge


The Sound - New Wave / Punk / No Wave The Atitude - "a friend punching another to wake him up from a terrible catatonia"


Suspiria and James grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon/Portugal , with a lot of will but nothing to do!

It all went right but it wasn’t enough! So in the end of 1998 they started a New Wave/No Wave/Punk band that caught the immediate attention of kids and the police.

After touring intensively in Portugal , Spain and USA , they left their tiny universe and moved towards Berlin from 2002 till 2006.

Both of them played in other bands since 1994, such as Everground or Kiute Loss, but it was with Les Baton Rouge that they start to make worldwide tours, including 2 major tours in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Austria) and 3 major tours in U.S.A., passing through festivals like SXSW (Texas) or clubs like CBGB´s (New York), Maxwell´s (Hoboken), Silver Lake Lounge (L.A.) or Crocodile Café (Seattle), as well as several TV shows like Chic-Go-Go (Chicago), Fearless Music (New York), Texas Live TV (Texas) & radio live performances all over the States and Europe.

They already shared the stage with artists like Sylvain Sylvain ( New York Dolls), Marky Ramone (Ramones), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Peaches, Dick Dale, Tim Kerr (Big Boys), The Hives, Joan Jett, Franz Ferdinand, Toy Dolls... among many others.

Their last record, My Body-The Pistol, was released in early 2004 by Elevator Music Records in New York, and counts with the production and collaboration of the mythical name of Tim Kerr (Big Boys, Now Time Delegation, Monkey Wrench) and it went directly to the CMJ American Charts, receiving numerous raves all over the world.

Les Baton Rouge also performed in places outside of the typical Rock circuit like libraries, strip clubs, prisons and psychiatric institutions, being considered as one of the most intense and best live bands.


Chloe Yurtz

Written By: Suspiria Franklyn


Picture in action, I'll wait for you today
It's loving, I'm near you and you're begging me to stay
This time you're mine and I'll let you decide
Excuse me, amuse me, I'll wait for you tonight

Right! You were right!
"Fit to the world or you'll die"!
There's always an opposite side
And persons in mind

You wanna continue where we left off
You're waiting, suffocating, but baby you're so far
What now? Somehow, you put the world up side down
I'm sugar, you're screwed, are you ready to do it?

Right! You were right!
"Fit to the world or you'll die"!
There's always an opposite side
And persons in mind

One day you'll find out that this is life
With games, with lies
Bodies looking for the future
Pictures, action, future
Sex, money, future
Entertainment, feminists, future
Waiting for the call

Everybody wants to be loved
And I love it when you come uncovered
You're out of yourself, you gotta be smarter
We're different but it doesn't really matter

Maria lamas

Written By: Suspiria Franklyn


let's start again
this is the life's stage
risk and take a chance
i have some people in mind
and this game isn't mine

there is so much to live
so why are we wasting time?
whoever fight deserves a change
is it so hard to define?
we're doing just fine!

too precious
to waste it
to love
too good
to give it
to another

mind on earth and feet to walk
analyzing my own life
love love love cause love is art
love love love cause love its hard
feeling hard, reveal your power
just pretend you are enjoying
working hard from the start


Written By: Suspiria Franklyn


Rock 'n' roll
It's out of control
It's in your hands
It's in your soul
I was crazy
Still am
I'm not looking
For another sham

Your life — Revive what the others think is over
Your life — Where's the things that you believe in your life?
Did you passed yourself to the other side?
Did you stop believing in it?

Well I gotta find another way of living
It bothers me wasting time
And I love to live next to you
I love it! It's the place to do it all!


"My Body-The Pistol-Les Baton Rouge" LP (2004) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Chloe Yurtz-Les Baton Rouge" EP (2003) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Women Non-Stop-Les Baton Rouge" LP (2002) Elevator Music Records - New York, USA

"Sexcentric-Les Baton Rouge" EP (2001) Munster Records - Madrid, Spain

Set List

1 - Chloe Yurtz
2 - Sommersault
3 - My Body - The Pistol
4 - Traffic Trail
5 - Venus Girdle
6 - Heart Burning Desire
7 - Dead Ahead
8 - Women Non Stop
9 - Behind that body
10 - Carburator
11 - Human Feedback
12 - Maria Lamas