Les Couleurs

Les Couleurs


"LES COULEURS" is a French/English (Franglais) Rock trio. Our music is African/reagge for the dance, Rock/Alternative for the rage, French for the cheese and English for the beer!!!!


Les Couleurs is an Alternative Rock Band by drummer/bassist/singer-songwriter Robert Bonhomme that features original songs in French and English within the framework of powerful and compelling music, bringing to mind the original English band The Police, with an anarchist edge reminiscent of the Ramones.
The straightforward, poetic lyrics express the powerlessness of the common man as he confronts the forces of the modern world. In contrast, the exuberant, varied, imaginative and well-balanced compositions are positively exhilarating.
With Guitarist/producer Rod Hohl and Drummer Ethan Hawthorn, LES COULEURS are creating explosive sets making audiences "Dance" like they Danced on "The Police" back in '79 or "Nirvana" in '92.


"Les Couleurs" self-title debut album released in 2004
is available at robertbonhomme.com, itunes, cdbaby.com...

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