les doux cactus

les doux cactus


Les Doux Cactus make festive party music in Japanese. One of our song called UFO is in the movie Starship Troopers 3 from SONY Pictures Entertainment. We like to create link with other cultural music, especially Japan.


Founded in 2006, Les Doux Cactus has taken Montreal by storm by daring to perform highly original music while singing in Japanese. The music of Les Doux Cactus is a blend of many diverse influences, including Fishbone, Stray Cats, The Velvet Underground, Maceo Parker and Johnny Cash. Singing in Japanese allows the band to play with the diverse rhythms of the language while creating a unique vibe that no one can resist.
Les Doux Cactus is comprised of Vincent Hamel (vocals, upright bass, theremin), Charles Hamel (guitar and vocals), Jérôme St-Jean (guitar and vocals), and Charles-Henri Duquette (drums). On stage, a full brass section accompanies the band.
Last November, ecstatic Japanese audiences had the chance to see Les Doux Cactus perform live in Tokyo, where the band was visiting while shooting their video My Tokyo Christmas. The band returned to Tokyo in July to attend the Hollywood movie premier of Starship Troopers Marauder in which we can hear the Les Doux Cactus
single UFO.


He's the man

Written By: Les Doux Cactus

He`s the man has been recorded live in Montréal. You can go in www.lesdouxcactus.com to see the english translation of the japanese words. The singer is Vincent Hamel.


We have a CD called Japanese Country with our original songs that is available in Canada and on ITunes around the world. We performed many times in Canada and in Japan. Our song UFO play worldwide in the movie Starship Troopers 3 in the Hollywood Sony Pictures Entertainement production.

Set List

All original Japanese rock songs
Hee Haw!
Japanese Country
He's the man
Mister Keiji
Ya Ju
Aiwa Jinseida
Bad Buddy
My Tokyo Chritmas
Little Lily
2 sets of 45 minutes
Also covers from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams