Les Drague Mothers

Les Drague Mothers


With borrowed drums, a pawnshop bass and a guitar amp just out of the repair shop, we threw some songs together (some more meticulously than others) and are aching to play some shows.


Did anyone see the T.O.Ts or C. Storm & the Upper Ones Revue? The Casuals F.C? The Death in Small Doses? Unless you saw the T.O.T.s and Upper Ones play in a school gym or the Casuals F.C in some dive or the Death in Small Doses on CJSW in 2004, the answer is likely no. But the sounds from those bands bleeds into this one. But that only accounts for two members of this band. The third moved here from Vancouver and also plays in Grown-Ups.



Set List

Easily 25 minutes.