Les Espoirs de Coronthie

Les Espoirs de Coronthie

 Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

Not just a simple band, Les « Espoirs de Coronthie » have become a real phenomenon in
Guinea… Wherever you go, you can hear their music ringing in the air: in coffee shops,
clubs, on radios, in the street, and even in taxi cabs …
You cannot miss it !!!! With a music based on instruments and sounds from their country , these artists give us an original groove which success is based on the vocal quality of the three singers.
A powerful show…. Generous artists…. An infectious energy….


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In their native Guinea , LES ESPOIRS DE CORONTHIE  are iconic stars of traditional music and the spokesmen of a youth who refuses to bow to fate. From the very popular area of Coronthie , from which they derive their stage name , this band of friends grew up together , alongside the same football field , and selling peanuts on the same market for their moms.

Soon as 1992 , they decided to leave school for music : they learn in traditional Manding repertoire brushes their neighborhoods , and sing the praises of their "big" to win some money in the bush of the capital . Armed with their voices and percussion made with the means at hand , these " children of the ghetto " to quickly carve a reputation throughout Conakry. One night they are invited lifted curtain Baaba Maal ; an unforgettable experience for the group , since reporter falls on the charm of their songs, their offer enough to buy their first djembes and describes what will become their group name , "Les Espoirs de Coronthie" . A myth is born in the Guinean capital ... While most of their elders get stuck in a local variety made drum machine and synthesizers, Hopes Coronthie choose the traditional instruments of their country to sing the daily : girls , love, party, but also poverty and corruption ! They show as well as the tradition is not only a matter of folklore, but it remains alive and source of modernity.

Built around a very effective polyrhythms , their famous music power Mandingo while braving borders to reggae, ragga , blues and Afro beat ... Their sound is roots , urban, rusty , wild , bold, and hypnotic. The three singers , Mangu, Sanso and Machete share the microphone a little ways to the rappers , each with a very personal style and flow. Voice hoarse , high-pitched voice , powerful voices blend together to do that . Dance , also, is omnipresent in their concerts electrifying , often hysterical ... she embarks on the public scene turns into a merry dance floor improvised ...

Between 2002 and 2011 , the band released six albums in Guinea , which receive almost all the award for best traditional Guinean disk. Their tubes absolutely resonate across the country . Tours enchainent : Guinea, Mali , Sierra Leonne , Congo Brazzaville, finally in 2007 in Europe and Canada. Hundreds of concerts that allow the group to impose their groove on stage Afro World. Their latest album, " Tinkhinyi " , was released in Europe in 2009, and appears in most world compilations of the year. The group is then invited to all the major music festivals of the world as favorite or revelation.

" Fougou Fougou " , title and name of the new album, Is the sound are the wings of a bird flying ... There still hear the echo of Mandingo with new instrumental contributions : electric guitar, banjo , bass and copper section . The French began to take a greater share in their text , to speak about politics, corruption, or justice. The group also takes a critical look at the plight of immigrants in a west debunked . More serious songs, most committed , but as always rocked by catchy melodies and joie de vivre .


2002 - Patriote (LP)
2005 - Dunuya Iguiri (LP)
2009 - Tinkhinyi (LP) - Wountanara / L'Autre Distribution

2013- Fougou Fougou (LP) - Chapter Two records / Wagram