Les Frères de la Rue
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Les Frères de la Rue


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"Les Frères de la Rue"

" The result smells the sweat and labour. Their music draws as well from the roots of the reggae that in those of the rock or the skank. The whole surmounted by traditional tones of goumbe. On arrival, an original mixture which borrows from all the genres without distorting the set. " - World Sound

"Les Frères de la Rue"

" Between afro-folk song and reggae, there is "Goumbe-reggae" whom both brothers master in the perfection in this album in the production downright tubes. The success would not know how to delay. " - Lylo


Ton Attitude (2010)
Avant tout y a la vie (2003)
Fanta Sidibé (1995)



Goumbe is a traditional music adopted by the street brothers in small age, on the red ground of their hometown Tiemelekro, in the center of Ivory Coast, not far from Dimbokro.
Every weekend the big sisters danced Goumbe in the streets of Tiemelekro. A singer was accompanied by the Fathers of the Village who played on big drums, temrus … Djé Cumba is the ambassadress of this style, hawked by the shopkeepers and the travellers of western Africa.
Beginning of the 80s they are found at the big brothers listening to foreign music: Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh... things then became clearer. Ali and Issa have only one thought in mind: to bring reggae and goumbe together!

In 1983, they take the train to Abidjan, the capital-city, hub of music in West Africa. The big brother incited them to practice an artisanal craft there, such as dressmaker and to take French-Arabic classes... still; their passion for music quickly diverted them from this path.

In 1989, Issa says Galaïfa, will work beside Ismaël Isaac as dancer and chorus-singer.

In 1991, Galaïfa and Ali says El Mouroura founded their band “The Street Brothers”. In 1995, they became acquainted with Sidibé Demba who will produce their first album entitled “Fanta Sidibé” released by Pathé Marconi.
That same year the Fespaco Festival, the Panafrican Market of Arts in Burkina Faso will give an impulse to their career. They will then be on tour in West Africa until 1997.

The Brothers arrived in France in 1998, still focused on their objective: to present their innovative style, the goumbe reggae.

In 2003, they released their four tracks album “Avant tout y’a la vie” and composed the soundtrack of Paraboles, a short movie produced by Rémi Besançon.

In 2006, they recorded their third album " Ton Attitude " and decide to take out it in Ivory Coast as well as to make its promotion for 5 months (TVs, radios, press).
In their return in France, they are invited to play in England and in the USA (BBKing).
In 2010, this album take out in France.