Breathing is to song as eyes are to sight.. Solo acoustic melodies and lingering vocal harmonies. Softly deeper and slightly sweeter then nice. So let your ears indulge....


Lesha’s passion for theatrical performance and creative writing is clearly distinctive in her music. Ballad inclined, with a smouldering depth, she steers away from the popular expectancy of what a girl with a guitar should sound like. Instead she goes a little deeper and takes her music somewhere slightly darker.

With developed performance skills in acting and music as well as visual art, Lesha makes a point to connect with her audience and presents a quality that is exceptionally high and unmatched as an independent artist.

In 2004 Lesha began experimenting with recording and sound editing. This gave her insight into the conceptual process of recording and producing a viable product that is both artistically fulfilling and of a high industry standard.

At present Lesha is focussed on developing and recording new work for her release entitled “The Art Of Detachment”, which will be mixed by Forrester Savell and due in 2008.

The first single The Coldest Winter was released in August 2007, along with her first music video which she has co written and directed.
In addition to this, she is also put together a self produced EP of her B-Sides and live tracks which was released in October 2007.

Lesha’s music, when performed live, has been described as not only moving, sexy and gutsy with rock influence by some, but also spiritual and soulful by others.

Singer, guitarist, producer, designer, actor & writer...
Self managed and deeply driven, Lesha isn’t afraid to do it all


The Coldest Winter

Written By: Lesha

Oh how time slows
And I could feel the cold beneath my toes
There was no snow on this ground
But my bones
They froze

Oh the coldest winter baby
And I felt the lowest low
The coldest winter in me
But I had to let it go

Oh and the darkness grows
Beneath my skin I was seething within this sorrow
And oh I can’t let you know
That you hurt me inside I didn’t let it show

Oh the coldest winter baby
And I felt the lowest low
Oh the coldest winter in me
But now I’ve let it go

Oh how you'd make me want to
Consume you whole
Lost inside the chill that numbs my soul
Helpless left alone

Oh the coldest winter baby
Where you left me in the snow
Oh the coldest winter in me
But now I’ve let you go

Lesha Copyright 2005


EP "The Art of Detachment" 2008

4Live/B-Sides EP "All The Ones That Didn't make It" -October 2007

1. Pieces of Yesterday
2. Over
3. Heaven Afar
4. The Wishing Tree

Single "The Coldest Winter" August 2007
1. The Coldest Winter
2. Pieces of Yesterday
3. The Coldest Winter (Music Video)

Set List

Original Live Set:
Empty Space
In This Room
The Coldest Winter
Familiar Emotion
The Wishing Tree
Heaven Afar
Pieces of Yesterday

Lesha's original live set typically consists of 7-17 songs with a running time up to 2.5 hours.

Covers Live Set:

All You Wanted-Michelle Branch
Who Will Save your Soul-Jewel
Disarm-Smashing Pumpkins
I Don't Wanna Fall In Love-Chris Isaak
My Immortal-Evanescence
Best of You-Foo Fighters
Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash
3 Libras-A Perfect Circle
Big Girls Don’t Cry-Fergie
Elderly Woman-Pearl Jam

Covers set running at approx 40mins to 1hr