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I’ve made her hospital bed my altar
as I pray she will make it through
sometimes I don’t know what to say
I just call out to You
Lord she is Your child, she is not all alone,
hold her in Your arms and comfort her
as I lay her at Your throne
she looks so frail in my eyes
but You’re the one who sees
the things on earth we go through and
You said to just believe


I believe in You Lord
I believe in Your grace
I believe You came to earth and died
to take our place
I believe You will not leave us
in our time of need
You said You would lift us up
if we would just believe.

In her room please meet her
as the machines pump each breath
give her peace in her spirit and put
her heart at rest.
Lord I thank You for my mother
but I release her to Your will
I’ll get out of the way and let You
work this all to the good.
I will stand upon Your promises
because You said You would never leave
You just want to see this family have the
faith to believe.

Repeat chorus

I said yes

Written By: leslie richards

I had the radio playing praises
to the lord most high
in my home I am not ashamed to
raise my hands toward the sky
but that day while I was thanking him
for the blood of calvary
a man who proclaims Mohammad
should be messiah to me
ask what I was doing, I paused to think
of what to say. then I said I’m not ashamed
Im sending praises to his name.
Under his breath I heard him say as he turned to go
3eesa batalak {Jesus is your Hero }.


I said yes, yes
Jesus is the one
yes, yes he is Gods only son
I said yes, yes.
yes I’ll take the stand
He’s the one that lifts me up
He’s my hero
I say yes

So in this world we live in
people don’t believe the same
Christians are being told to be meek about
His name.
But we need to put the commandments
back up in their place.
And tell the ones around us
about Jesus saving grace.
We need a lot of boldness
If the lost are to be saved
stand up and speak the name of Jesus
and the price he payed
so tell everyone you meet
so everyone will know, Jesus is not just a good man
3eesa batalak {Jesus is your Hero}

Repeat chorus