Leslie Berry

Leslie Berry

 Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Singer-songwriter Leslie Berry is often described as “progressive pop.” Indie-Music.com calls her music "piano-driven pop storytelling led by a vocal that is delicate and magical, dancing over notes like a ballerina, blending harmonies that are positively ethereal."


Singer-songwriter Leslie Berry is often described as “progressive pop.” But upon closer listen, you hear many influences in her music. Atlanta's Creative Loafing describes her music as “modern songwriting with elements of classical and folk that simmers with an understated unrest.” Greenville’s Metrobeat says, “it’s refreshing to hear an artist capable of creating accessible music without sacrificing integrity and inventiveness. Upstate pianist Leslie Berry is such an artist.” Southeast Performer calls her debut CD “a well produced adult contemporary showcase.” The Hickory News says that Leslie “drives a mean piano.” All of these ingredients are what have made Leslie Berry a promising artist on the Southeast music scene.

Originally from the metro Atlanta area, Leslie has been playing and singing in ensembles for over twenty years. She holds a degree in music performance and has appeared with symphony orchestras, the Spartanburg Repertory Company, The Spartanburg Little Theater, Theatre Converse, and at the Brevard Music Center. Training to be a concert pianist, it wasn’t until after graduating college that Leslie’s love for pop music convinced her to change her direction and begin writing her own songs. Leslie’s original songs and those of songwriting partner and producer David Berry are characterized by “layers and textures in both the music and the meaning of the songs,” according to the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

Leslie Berry has appeared at such notable venues as The Handlebar, Coffee Underground, The Cotton Club, Red Light Cafe and Eddie's Attic, and was a featured artist on Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen Network Tank Tour. She has performed at many festivals and conferences across the Southeast as well, such as Cape Fear Folk Fest, First Night Asheville, MumFest in New Bern, Riverplace Festival in Greenville, Spring Fling in Spartanburg, and Brown Bag Lunch in downtown Marietta, GA. She is a member of Indiegrrl, Just Plain Folks, Songsalive!, and GoGirls, organizations founded to promote independent artists. Leslie was also selected to showcase at both the Midwestern Entertainment Industry Conference and the IMC2004. She was a finalist in the 2004 UK Songwriting Competition and received an honorable mention for her song "Cinderella" in the IK Multimedia 2004 Summer Music Challenge. She received an honorable mention for her CD, "No Cinderella", at the 2004 DIY Music Festival. You might have also heard her performing with the NC-based newgrass band, Candlewyck.


She's Not Comfortable Being Seen

Written By: Leslie Berry

Katie sits in the back row,
Taking notes as the teacher drones.
She tries to smile politely,
Nods to show she’s been listening.

A question crosses her mind,
But she never can seem to find
The nerve to ask questions.
She doesn’t want to be the one to rock the boat.

She’s not comfortable being seen
But she is smarter than you think.
Sometimes she thinks outside the box
But she never expresses these things.
She’s not comfortable being seen.

Katie’s boyfriend is a Leo.
He tells her she shouldn’t be so
Concerned with what people think,
So sensitive to everything.

But her intuition is unnerving.
Katie understands so many things
Like the way he really feels inside.
She has a private side that noone sees.

She’s not comfortable being seen
But she is wiser than you think.
She is the master of disguise
‘Cause she never reveals anything.
She’s not comfortable being seen.

So she writes the words down in a song
And hopes one day she will be strong.
She’ll share her songs with the world.
She’s such a shy girl.

Dreamer child,
Trapped inside….
Wants to be free
To follow her dreams.
There’s a struggle going on between
The girl she is and the one she wants to be.

She’s not comfortable being seen
But she has more to give than you think.
One day she will surprise us all
When she sees just what she can be.
She’s not comfortable being seen.


Written By: Leslie Berry

Hey, old friend, it’s good to see you’re
Still out searching for a broader point-of-view.
Eyes wide open, staring up at the wild, wild blue,
The sky has no limits, not for you.

Dreamers like you never grow old,
Never give in or do what they’re told that they should do.
You’ll be the one wearing the golden shoes
’Cause Cinderella’s no match for you.

Cinderella, dressed in rags,
Sits and waits for her Prince to arrive.
But not you, you realize
There’s no sense in waiting for life to begin.
Cinderella sits like a mannequin
While you’re taking everything in.

You told me you didn’t have any roots,
Never counted on other people to come through for you.
But somehow, the dreams that you pursue
Always seem to come true for you.

You’re head is filled with stories
Of faraway places you plan to explore
Someday soon.
If anyone will see those places
It will be you (I know it will be you).

Guess you always knew
Life really is about the things you do
And not about the things that happen to you.
Sitting and waiting,
Waiting and sitting,
I’d rather be doing anything else but that.
Cinderella will be surprised to see
Oh, she will be so surprised to see
The Prince isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.

Was It Blue?

Written By: Leslie Berry

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was It Blue?
So cool, we feign indifference
As I struggle to make sense of you.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it red?
So hot, when you touched my skin
I forgot about the things that you said.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it green?
Vibrant energy, channeling
From me to you to every living thing.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it yellow?
You smile and tilt your head up to the sun,
Basking in the warmth of the afterglow.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it purple?
So rich, so complex we stare,
Overwhelmed by all the emotions we stirred.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it black?
Hopeless threads of conversation
Leading into darkness and not coming back.

Which chord did I strike in you?
Was it blue?
So cool, we feign indifference
We look at each other and say we’re through.

And I’m still struggling to make sense of you.


"Was It Blue" - released 2004
"No Cinderella" - released 2002
"Leslie Berry " self-titled debut - released 1998
Tracks available also on Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, Vitaminic for purchase and on her website at www.LeslieBerry.com for streaming. Tracks also available for streaming at www.Garageband.com.
"No Cinderella" was played on over 70 AAA and college radio stations. Radio list available at www.LeslieBerry.com.

Set List

Set List includes any/all of these songs:
From "Was It Blue?" CD(2004):
1. Was It Blue?
2. Winter Blues
3. Fighting School
4. Song of Life
5. She's Not Comfortable Being Seen
6. My Love Is Not At Your Command

From "No Cinderella":
1. Cinderella
2. If We Danced
3. No Doll's House
4. Harrison's Clock
5. Make Believe Prelude
6. Make Believe
7. The Story of You
8. Willpower
9. Touch the Divine
10. Tryin' To Hold My Ground
11. (You Have) the Power To Move Me

From "Leslie Berry" debut:
1. Dream Love, One Man
2. I Can Try
3. 27 Years
4. Clothes Don't Make the Man
5. Promise
6. Dusk
7. All This Night
8. Secrets
9. Remembering Alberto
10. Metamorphosis

Covers include:
Tori Amos - Cornflake Girl, Winter, Northern Lad, 1000 Oceans, Cloud On My Tongue
Billy Joel - Root Beer Rag
Sandy Denny - Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Ian Tyson(Judy Collins) - Someday Soon
Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me
Joni Mitchell - Morning Morgantown