Leslie DiNicola

Leslie DiNicola

 New York, New York, USA

Zarah's music displays a true talent that is not often found in mainstream music. Her music is best described as a smooth combination of Pop and Soul.


Leslie is a Manhattan based singer/songwriter who has perfected her vocal craft over years of singing in the charming sweat stained tap houses of Texas.

Her voice and musical style uniquely combines the classic feel of great folk vocalists like Emmy Lou Harris and Joan Baez with blues soaked southern rock reminiscent of Janis Joplin or Chris Robinson.

Leslie recently collaborated with Multi-Platinum Producer/Engineer Arty Skye. The first song, 'Back to Me' was recorded at Skyelab Sound Studios in NYC. It is a testament to the sultry bluesy rock sound that Leslie's voice just oozes.

Since moving to Manhattan, she has played in a number of bands and is presently working on her first solo album: 'It Resembles Fiction.' She is a back-up vocalist for the experimental/electroacoustic band, Peculiar Gentlemen and is featured on their sophomore album, 'The Difference', which will be released in June '08.