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"Sex Soul Rock n' Roll - Blog Archive - Leslie Dysinger (special pick)"

Lose your girlfriend. Get fired. Take a handful of downers and drive 70 miles on the highway at night with no destination in mind. And do it listening to Leslie Dysinger’s music. You’ll be better off for it.
You’ll hold your melancholy outlook over the heads of all your other depressed friends because Leslie’s songs will make you believe that your heartbreak is beautiful. When she sings, it’s just for you, damn it.
Even if you’ve repeatedly shrugged off country inspired “sad bastard” music, or if singer-songwriter is a genre that you stereotype and ignore, I encourage you to give her a listen. It probably wont make you flock to Nashville to become a country music roadie. It probably wont even make you consider listening to similar artists. But Leslie seems to step outside genre-appeal, and her storytelling can be appreciated by anyone. Except maybe metalheads. But fuck metalheads.

-John Drake
- www.sexsoulrocknroll.com

"WOS-Best of Triple A (AAA)"

"WOS-Best of Triple A (AAA)" features all Indie Artists from our playlist. "Your Regrets" continues to be played in our regular rotation.


Emma Dean, "Cocaine”
Halcyon, "Margaret Says"
Lindsay Drummond, "Get Me Thru”
Jaeger, "Black Black”
Julie Marinelli, "Water Off a Duck s Back”
Jen Porter and The Most Fabulous Band, "My Own Hand"
Nicola, "Anybody Out There”
MaryJet, "Fade Out”
Sharon Paquette, "Good Things Are Gonna Happen”
Mia Adams & The Scenic Roots, "Million To One”
Goodbye Gadget, "Bitter Freedom”
Leslie Dysinger, "Your Regrets"
Lauren DeRose, "Me & My Earthquake"
Danan Healy, "I am”
Casey Desmond, "Julia Butterfly Hill”
- Women of Substance

"Places to Go, People To See"

Leslie Dysinger — 12 South Taproom and Grill. Janis Joplin-esque singer/songwriter Leslie Dysinger blends her experiences with love and loss for a soulful sound all her own. Check Leslie’s local tunes out at the 12 South Taproom and Grill. (Free, 10 p.m., 2318 12th Ave. South)

-Versus October 2008 issue

Link to article online: http://discoverarchive.vanderbilt.edu/bitstream/1803/1456/1/08-Oct-2008%20Versus.pdf - Versus - Entertainment & Culture at Vanderbilt University

"Live At The Lip"

Leslie Dysinger - An amazing talent who puts on a show that can't be beat, and now she's recording live at the Lip so you can relive the experience over and over. Leslie blends folk, blues, rock and Americana into a great sound that's all her own.

The Lipstick Lounge
- The Lipstick Lounge

"New Music Critiques"

Dysinger proves herself a songwriter of substance. We especially admire "Bad Choices" a tune about the flood of conflicting emotions that arrives when one encounters a former lover.

-Music Connection Magazine Jan. 2009

online link to review:
http://musicconnection.com/digital/index.php?page=49 - Music Connection Magazine

"Acoustic vortex; Born again; Cause and effect"

If you believe Leslie Dysinger's press bio, the Nashville-based folk-rocker is what you might have expected to hear had the late Janis Joplin gone country. (That's actually kind of intriguing, so kudos to her PR flacks for coming up with that nugget.) In truth, Dysinger is a veteran rocker who has been playing in bands off and on since the early 1990s. Along the way, she migrated to Memphis and back, and in recent years has focused on honing her chops. The result is her debut solo record Cause & Effect, which offers up poignant and straightforward storytelling. Her tour in support of said album brings her to The Rud this Saturday, along with Louisville singer-songwriters Brandon Britton and Lauren Conkin. Showtime is 7p.m., door is $5.

Kevin Gibson
LEO - www.leoweekly.com - LEO December 17, 2008

"Nette Radio"

"This week NetteRadio welcomes new artists Amy Lenard Band, Leslie Dysinger, and Kutsal. We're also featuring tracks from the beautifully crafted Females on Fire Volume III compilation CD presented by Gilli Moon and Warrior Girl Music. "

- Annette Conlon, Nette Radio (Aug 13, 2008) - Annette Conlon, Nette Radio


Cause & Effect, Leslie Dysinger 2008 debut release

Singles include: Bad Choices, Your Regrets, and Going Home



Imagine if Janis Joplin were alive today and able to metamorph into a folk rock artist / singer songwriter, add a half cup of Patty Griffin and a tablespoon of Melissa Etheridge and you have Leslie Dysinger.

Leslie began her independent music career in 1992 when she decided to move to Memphis, TN. In Memphis Leslie began writing songs and discovering her musical independence. A chance performance at a benefit for a local club led to Leslie's role as the lead singer in an all girls group called "Girls Room Only". After two years of playing with the group, Leslie and guitarist Jody Swanner decided to form a new group called "Undecided". Over the course of four years, "Undecided" played the Memphis bar scene and they became the house band for Denim and Diamonds, Hwy. 51 Bar & Grill as well as Buffalos South. The group also frequently haunted Alfreds on Beale St. and played local festivals with such acts as Carol Plunk and the Belle Curves.

In 1998 Leslie moved back to Nashville to pursue her career as a songwriter. In 2003 she began focusing her creativity on songwriting and has since been writing and performing all over the South since 2005. The release of her debut album, Cause & Effect, is an honest account and reflection of her life. Leslie's unique vocal style is reminiscent of Janis Joplin and her story telling craft is simple, straightforward and poignant.