Leslie Helpert

Leslie Helpert


"Helpert has the wit and lyrical skill of a turn-of-the-century enfamed poet - a style of her own... it is a channel more than a style at all." - Edward Glaze


Leslie Helpert is an artist with a great curiosity for fireflies and bottom-dwelling phosphorescent fish. She falls in love in lightening storms and finds the greatest pertinence in the subtle. She acknowledges seasonal holidays such as "Forget Puritan Etiquette Day", "Long Bath-taking week", "Another-Glorious-Opportunity-to-be-impassioned-by-Mundanity-day" and "Banana Pudding Month". She also likes to collect umbrellas and walk with an unusual sophistication down the street. She feels like a squiggly ink drawing and loves Raspberry Leaf Tea. Loves Kava. Loves Cocoa tea from Peru. Loves Bermudian Chai.

At some age while still under the loving guidance of her forbearers, Leslie became keen to the reality of commerce and survival and set forth on her pilgrimage. She drives a car which gets 31 miles per gallon on the highway through the country, as well as flying on airplanes and taking fairies all in the name of arriving with punctuality at multiple venues internationally and nationally in the United States Of America.

When arriving at these venues, one can expect Leslie to repeatedly arrange her equipment until it is just so and relieve her most beloved guitar from its bullet proof case to then begin to explore the sonic environment offered by the venue therein. For her, music is a modality of pioneering the subtle, and utilizing texture and space to deliver art into the moment. Her rhyme and song awaken both the mind and heart while enchanting the listener with bold lyric and pulsing, skillful compositions. This pairing of lyric with ambitious guitar playing highlights Leslie’s unique artistic personality, endearing audiences nationwide and elevating the standard of performer and instrument.

Here are the Bullets of Facts about Leslie Helpert’s work - however, to let you know the simple truth, Leslie would rather avoid these Bullets, and instead Dance from this page you are now reading.

*Leslie Helpert performs on average 150 shows per year based out of Athens, GA. She has been playing guitar for 16 years and composing music that is influenced by literature, yoga, nutrition, and men who drive low riders with their seat way back.
* She studied at The Berklee College of Music and The Naropa University.
* She currently listens to Crickets and one pending mosquito by her right ear.
* A solo performer by trade, Helpert also collaborates regularly with other artists to enhance her sound.
* Helpert, who is called Serpentfly by many and most, has played for sold out audiences in large theaters and teeny audiences in far away places.
* Her third CD, her first long-time-in-studio recording with a Big Full Band has been recently released in January of 2005. “Cupcakes. and radishes” features an array of guest musicians and offers the sound of Leslie’s full musical vision with the addition of percussion, bass, violin, electric guitar and creative sound effects.



Written By: Leslie Helpert

did I fall asleep
i dreamt your hands
were holding me

lo, lo, what a dream i had
how can one awake
from true wakefulness?

in a far away place
i'd go in grade school
i could stay there forever
but no one could come
and it's such a shame
cuz it's paradise
on the outskirts at night
i can see the lights from your town
sohighup, that's the name of your town

i bare, i bare my deep- in oblivion
too young too proud to believe in deceit
not from, not from such a sick night
who i sensed, like a dog, all the while
misled by my own eyes

then to a far away place
i'd go in grade school
i'd stay there forever
but no one could come
and it's made just so
by a perfect smug god
and all the times i tried to take you there
you just got lost.

A Serpentfly's Dream

Written By: Leslie Helpert

i dreamt last night of an angel boy
i knew as a child
but in the dream as i recognized him
my eyes swelled shut
from years of my own desire

paint me your life like a moon river light
where have you been angel boy
here, around her they yeach you not to beg
and if you hear your heart calling wait
for something stronger
and so i never said so when i was knowing you
but when a door don't close it blows now and again in the wind.

my mother lived before me
and her mother's time not long before her
whose big dreams served as long pockets on the coats of their men
and their men kept their hands warm by just diggin them in to their
big dreams which made for safe pockets.

and still no man has had sewn to him
or can catch my woven dream
i found it myself in the thick of night
and have hidden it from fright of being caught with it or seen.

so i have to thank you angel boy
for loving me so well from a far
and that your print never calloused my skin
and just how perfect we are.

paint me your life like a moon river light
where have you been angel boy
you've changed in the face and for all this time
i did not know it was you
but in a dream matter changes, what matters in a dream
but to cling to a sleep and to not wake
until both of our soulds can wake

Penny the Hen

Written By: Leslie Helpert

i'm running away
there's just one way to run
run from what's been done
and i hold my breath until i die

so some day we'll see
right now we're much too young
and later far too old
or didn't see it when our day did come
it passed us over
the length of life's like light through a window briefly, baby

i told my mom she could trust in your loving good
but to you love's like an easy street
where nothing should cost but a dime
i swear.

you say girl don't scream
please don't kick them fiery feet
stay cool, girl, cuz it's Zen
my zen ran away with Penny the Hen
the sky was falling
and i'm really in the moment now.

if you got no time for love
then you don't got no time for love
if you got no time for love
then you don't got no time for love
what do you really mean to me
if you don't got no time for love?
So you say baby someday we'll see
but right now there's no time for love


Cupcakes. and radishes (2004)
13 Songs (2002)
Serpentfly. complete (2000)

Set List

Leslie Helpert Current Possible Song List:

1. Old $
2. Momma/ Fat Bag
3. Sound
4. Lightening Bolts Backwards
5. Raging Insomnia
6. Penny The Hen
7. The Song Will Fall As Free As The Rain
8. I Forgot To Tell You
9. Midnight Maid
10. Alleghany St.
11. Alaska
12. Who's got the vibe
13 The Pegasus Moth's Weave
14. Freedom
15. Laborers of Myth
16. Me, and the Moon too.
17. A Thousand Books
18. Mystical Self Loss
19. Serpentfly's Dream
20. Train Song
21. Simple Strip
22. Die in the Night
23. What Fuels You Kills You In The Long Run
24. Crickets
25. A Night Call For Bird
26. The Rudest Song I Ever Writ (New England Boys)
27. Honey Pot
28. Ambivelent and Wholly Immersed In The Ambiance
29. You Think It's Funny Cuz It Cost You A Dime To Laugh
30 Fugue
31. The Field
32 This
33. Music For Money
34. The Boy Who Cried Wolf/ Uncle Scrooge song.
35. Yer 3 minutes
36 Mystical Self Loss
37 Jane Austen Song #1. (Petticoat song)
38. Jane Austen S