Her voice is at once a breeze and a storm that speaks to your heart and moves your soul. She has created an innovative signature sound that combines the flavours of jazz and soul with folk and house. But Leslie-Joy is not only a brilliant vocalist she is also an intelligent songwriter.


Leslie-Joy is known for experimenting with range and tones to evoke an array of emotions and produce truly amazing sounds.

Leslie-Joy's mix of musical genres is truly original resulting in magical, thought provoking lyrics
and intoxicating rhythms.

Being an entertainer is a most predictable journey for Leslie Joy, performing in community theatre, and becoming lead-singer of Toronto based jazz ensemble Headspace, this multi-talented performer then went on to co-found, manage, write and act in the critically acclaimed Last Laugh comedy series. Leslie-Joy also co-produced the video for her dynamic single MovieStar (which she also produced), once again showing herself as a truly creative artist.

As a performer, Leslie-Joy uses her vibrant personality to woo audiences time and time again.

Leslie-Joy is an excellent vocalist and an innovative songwriter, producer and performer who can only be described as original.


What is Happiness - Single
MovieStar - Album
Shades of Joy -Remix Album
Have Your Self A Merry Little X-Mas - Single

Set List

Leslie-Joy performs a variety of songs depending on what is required for the show. Her set lists could include her orginals and covers of jazz standards, classic R&B, reggae and adult contemporary.

Sets range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours
Sample Set List: