Leslie Kastrop

Leslie Kastrop

 Palestine, Texas, USA

This is who I am, where I've been, and words I know you can relate to.


My influence is what I feel. I'm not trying to be or sound like anyone else. I do my own thing. Music is my escape, my passion... my way of expressing how I feel.

I put my heart into my songs, everytime I sing them... You don't just see a person singing and playing the guitar, you see the emotion behind every word.

I think what sets me apart is my career. I'm a pilot for the USAF and playing music the rest of the time. I haven't been playing guitar long, but I've been singing for as long as I can remember...



Written By: Leslie Kastrop

I’m looking at you
And all I see is me
Two years ago
Thinking life’s cut out how it needs to be

And maybe it’s not my job
To show you this way
And maybe it’s a lost cause
Or a chance that slipped away

I can’t say I’m right
Just follow me
But I can hope
You see where you need to be

And I am holding on
To what I feel inside
And I am letting go
Of the places I use to hide

So step inside of me
Take a look around
It’s the heart of me
And what it’s just found

Best of Me

Written By: Leslie Kastrop

Maybe it’d be worth a try
Giving in, forget the why
But I can’t let another friend pass me by

Busting through the doors of fate
Not too early, never late
But this is where I want to wait

I can’t tell you I don’t wonder how it feels
And I can’t wish these waves of fate away
But I know you see…
You found the best of me
Let’s just let it be

Let me be the one you call
Let me help you stand up tall
We’ve got problems
Let’s forget them all
Step inside this moment just to live
I’ve got so much love to give

Let's Try

Written By: Leslie Kastrop

The sun’s shinin here
You went the wrong way
I’d have been crazy
To beg you to stay

I ran in circles to get to you
And I’d do it again
If you asked me to
For this time without you
I’ll be planning the second time around
And until then
I’ll do my best not to turn around
Our next hello
Is worth this good bye
I can’t get enough of your shy
Come on baby, let’s try

That smell’s driven me crazy
All the way home
And I can’t seem
To put down my phone

Last Night

Written By: Leslie Kastrop

Did you mean what you said last night
When the moon was shining bright
After our little fight
Cause I just might

If this is it tonight
Nothing will make it right
I’ve lived enough to know
That I won’t fight
Did you mean what you said last night

I can’t help but hurt before the truth has come
But I feel like it’s already done
And I can’t wait to hear that your thoughts aren’t clear
Cause you’re stuck in a place that you fear
Don’t put me here

Was that your heart last night
Cause I’m just not feeling right
Want me to let it go
But I don’t know

Its times like tonight
That I just want to fight
To make it all not right
So you can go
Was that your heart last night

Wasting Away

Written By: Leslie Kastrop

I’m giving it time
Letting you pass me by
Leaving it to chance
As life takes me on its dance

I’m letting you go
And you don’t even know
And it’s so hard for me
But your life is all you see

Wasting away
In this memory
And without a single word
You still get to me
Fighting this back
But you slip in through every crack
And I am down to no defense
And it’s not making any sense
Wasting away

Erasing that thought
That you’re the one for me
And I’m making a list
Of all the reasons I should see

And it’s plain as day
That I should walk away
So I’m running so fast
From this memory I can’t pass


Written By: Leslie Kastrop

Once upon a time
Then the good guy wins
Takes home the girl trapped in the castle
Fights the fight, wins the battle
Finds the foot that fits the shoe
A fictional world of I love you

I don’t want to be your fairytale
Masked in the lines of those stories you tell
Or the ideas you will never meet
Trapped by the words of their own defeat

The fiction you steal
From feelings I feel
Those once upon a times
Were never real
And I just can’t wait
‘Cause my prince was late
I’m not living in
Some fairytale


I've released four CDs. The first two were personally recorded, but my last two CDs were recorded at Music Lane Recording Studio in Austin, TX.

1. A Years Worth (2005)
2. Stepping Through Shadows (2005)
3. Breathe Deep (2006)
4. Honest (2009)

Set List

The sets I do are usually 1-2 hours long. I play a mix of covers and original music.

Covers Songs By:
Howie Day, Heather Combs, Damien Rice, Colbie Caillat, K's Choice, Foo Fighters, Mat Kearney, Pink...