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Hong Kong, Hong Kong | INDIE

Hong Kong, Hong Kong | INDIE
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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I'm easily diverted by bright, shiny objects, so a guaranteed way to grab my attention is to wrap your promo CD in fancy, pink, gift paper with ribbons and bows, and bung in a 21st century magic computer stick doohickey. It may not get me to like you, but you'll certainly jump the queue ahead of all the earnest looking indie boys. Incidentally, cash is also quite acceptable.

Ms Loh is one of those very annoying people who seem to have it all. The Hong Kong Born / US raised / British educated lass is a multi-instrumental singer / songwriter who is also an economics graduate, who gave up a career in investment banking to pursue her musical muse. Probably a wise move, as she would have plenty free time on her hands now, post capitalism's collapse.

A few years back she got a fair amount of music telly airplay for her early singles, but that much coveted support slot with Liberty X didn't lead to a breakthrough. Maybe 'twas for the best, as I doubt the preteenies would have had much time for this record.

Bizarrely, this may be the first entry in a brand new genre, that of goth-pop-amos. At least on the best tracks like 'Prey'. 'Mark Of Honour' and 'Sacrifice'. There's a dark undercurrent to even the sweetest melodies and, sometimes, she can be out and out creepy. Not someone you would want to have stalking you, irregardless of her photogenic quality.

Granted, some of the ballads drift by in a fairly inconsequential manner, but when the ideas get big, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra ramp up their cellos, then it turns into something darn right special. I'm slightly concerned, because deep down, I don't think the world will necessarily get it. But that's their stupid assed problem, and just another regret to add to a distressingly long list.

However, if you actually have a pulse, and a desire for something a little bit different, then you really ought to be checking this out.

- Stuart

Leslie Loh looks poised to be one of the hottest new female stars around in 2009... But there’s far more to this woman than meets the eye… fully versed in martial arts and having trained alongside S.W.A.T teams in the US, it comes as a surprise that Leslie is one of the most stunning and graceful women we’ve ever met…

RH: You are bringing out your new album next month, tell us a bit about that..

LL: “Metamothosis” is my debut album. For those who know me it’s a departure from my past single, “Satisfied”, which has a more R&B flavour. Even though I enjoyed that phase immensely I jumped at the chance to pen an album straight from my heart.

With no preconceived ideas this album has turned out to have a more rock and soul feel to it. Rather than putting together a random collection of songs, I decided to express my pain and document the metamorphosis of my heart & mind during the course of the relationship, from lust in the first song, to love, fear and finally release, and named the journey, "Metamothosis".

RH: If you could recommend just one song from the album for us to listen to, what would it be?

LL: “This Is Me”. Even though all the songs each hold a very special place in my heart as they are pretty much all born from my own sweat & tears, you can’t get any more honest than “This Is Me”.

The title is self-explanatory and I think a lot of people can relate to that, no matter what circumstances they are in. This is by far my favourite song and it happened right around the time when I kept meeting idiots galore! A few rounds of hot, cold, hot, cold treatments and finally a penalty for their past mistakes had me looking into the mirror and say, "This is Me!!".

RH: Many people might be surprised by how hard you work what gives you the motivation to keep going in this career?

LL: First of all, when I make a decision I can be relentless in seeing it through to its fruition. I was once asked if there was a plan B, my response was I even had plan C, D & E, but ultimately they would all lead back to plan A.

It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has many dark and winding roads, but in life anything’s possible as long as you have the belief in yourself. I feel very blessed to be given the talent in the first place and now the opportunities to excel in something I love.

With the support of a wonderfully devoted team, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

RH: What advice would you give to someone just starting out, knowing what you know now?

LL: Learn to live with the word, “no”. If greats like the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner were recipients of that word, then no one can escape it. But it also goes to show that you can always prove the powers that be wrong!! Just believe and sharpen your skills and miracles can happen.

RH: To anyone who hasn’t heard of you yet, how would you describe your sound?

LL: A critic once called it “Goth-rock-Amos”, whatever that means. For me, I guess it’s a mix of sultry, sweet but dark textures as I combine the edginess of rock with the fragility of my voice emoted through the sympathetic use of the keyboards & violin. At times, full orchestras would be deployed to accentuate the feeling.

RH: If you could cover another band’s song, what would it be?

LL: “Fleur du mal” by Sarah Brightman, from her album, “Symphony”. I’ve always been mesmerized by the cinematic arrangement and her use of vocals in this song.

RH: And can you sum up your good self in just five words?

LL: Charge ahead like a bull!!!

RH: You know we’re having a bit of an economic crisis here at the moment, if people wanted to spend their last £10 on a cd this weekend, why should they buy yours?

LL: I believe with every economic crisis comes new opportunities. It is not necessarily a negative situation. Very often we are forced to explore new avenues in special times. “Metamothosis” is hopefully not just a quality album that will take the listeners on a journey that they can relate to, but it is also a unique piece of work, the first entry to a new genre.

RH: What three bands would you have to headline your dream festival?

LL: Personally I like variety, so my dream festival would consist of various types of music. If I have to pick three acts, they would be Evanescence, Alicia Keys and Coldplay.

RH: What has been your favourite musical memory to date?

LL: When I was conducting the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for the album. That was a fantastic experience that had me speechless. I had seen them in concerts often, so it was a great honour for me to work with them.

RH: If all of the bands equipment was on fire, what one piece would you save and why?

LL: The piano. The show must go on, and a good show can still be put on with just me on the keys, just more up close & personal. When stripped of all the frills, the audience is just feeling you at the end - Ruth Harrison


Singles "Satisfied" & "Boom Bang Bang" were released in the UK. Debut album, "Metamothosis", is currently being streamed.



The Leslie Loh story reads remarkably like a bibliographical chapter from a superwoman book or Lara Croft movie. This stunningly sexy and seductive woman possesses superhuman skills, intellectual calibre and physical strength that are nothing short of incredible; laying the foundation for versatility of music that could only come from Leslie Loh. Fully versed in martial arts, including Kung Fu, Philippino sticks and knife fighting as well as the shooting, tactical assault and close quarter combat skills, which she accomplished through her training alongside the US Navy Seals, Marines and S.W.A.T teams at the American Defence Enterprises, Leslie Loh is as lethal in the dojo as she is in her music. This lady means business and will stop at nothing until she’s conquered the world.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco, British educated Leslie Loh is one of four other siblings. Raised within a music loving family, little Leslie was perfecting her talent from the moment she could walk, studying ballet from just 2 years old and piano, violin and singing from the tender age of 3. Leslie was no average achiever, scooping the highest grades from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and the Royal Academy of Dance in Hong Kong, whilst also winning awards in all piano, violin and speech at several annual Hong Kong Music and Speech Festivals. With extreme excellence flooding through her veins, Leslie later went on to become the 1st violinist at the UK National String Academy.

Graduating from Bristol University with a Bsc in Economics, Leslie perfected her business prowess as she worked in law and investment banking upon graduating. But a talent such as Leslie’s just can’t be desk bound and it didn’t take long before her passion for music quashed her head for business and the Leslie Loh musical phenomena was unleashed.

Soon after quitting the day job, Leslie was offered a fortuitous performance opportunity to duet on the violin with a renowned Hong Kong singer. The audience of the Hong Kong Coliseum were left spellbound and mesmerised by her sensational talent. From that moment the musical fate of Leslie Loh was sealed. An audience member happened to be a UK music scout who instantly recognised Leslie’s on-stage charisma as beyond the exceptional and snapped her up immediately.

The moment her plane touched down in the UK, Leslie began penning and developing her own music, and released her debut single, ‘Satisfied’, which blasted to the No1 slot in the UK Music Week Breakers chart. National UK tours, radio slots and all Party in the Parks followed as Leslie enraptured audiences across the UK. Her second UK tour and single, ‘Boom Bang Bang’’, were equally as successful with the single featuring on MTV, VH1 and the Box TV in the UK and across Europe.

But the awesome Leslie Loh story doesn’t stop there, like all true superwomen her quest to excel in unfathomable genres of art is insatiable and the movie world just couldn’t be ignored. With a natural acting talent, Leslie studied acting at the London Academy for Radio, Films and Television, the Lee Strasburg Method Studio UK, and Actor’s Space LA. Following the global success of movies such as, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Hero’ etc., Chinese actors became much sought after and Leslie’s acting finesse made her a hot commodity in Hollywood. With her impressive network of connections in the Asian film industry, once cast in an acting role, Leslie was frequently asked to become involved in co-production and behind the scenes activity too. Having ‘astute business woman’ firmly etched on her list of credible assets, Leslie was smart enough to capitalise on the market trend and soon set up her own entertainment company, ‘Nymphaea Entertainment’. The company’s aim is to bridge the gap between global cultural divides, resources and talents across various entertainment fields from music, films, stage shows to musicals. Her acting debut was a cameo in the feature film, ‘Tempting Hearts’, directed by renowned Hong Kong director, Sylvia Chang. Leslie also guest-starred in the US TV series, ‘Flatland’, with Dennis Hopper and co-starred in an international feature film, ‘The Counting House’.

Combining her love of film and music, Leslie also worked on several movie scores, including the composition of a series of instrumental albums entitled, ‘L’Ozone’, and conducting the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. Leslie also frequently finds herself on various TV shows across the US, including the pre-Oscars show, as she’s the spokeswoman for an exclusive beauty and skincare product line called, GP Deva.

But it’s Ms Loh’s current project which will expose her talent to the mass consumer and catapult her into the realms of a household property. ‘Metamothosis’ is the long awaited rock & soul album, which delivers a delicious collection of original tracks that radiate the wonder of Leslie’s unique a