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Leslie Loh

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First entry of a new genre. Powerful ballads & soulful rock tracks dripping with raw emotions. The sultry voice on melodic piano & violin along with a visual display of dark lyrics makes for compelling story-telling. Orchestra adds to the cinematic touch.


The Leslie Loh story reads remarkably like a bibliographical chapter from a superwoman book or Lara Croft movie. This stunningly sexy and seductive woman possesses superhuman skills, intellectual calibre and physical strength that are nothing short of incredible; laying the foundation for versatility of music that could only come from Leslie Loh. Fully versed in martial arts, including Kung Fu, Philippino sticks and knife fighting as well as the shooting, tactical assault and close quarter combat skills, which she accomplished through her training alongside the US Navy Seals, Marines and S.W.A.T teams at the American Defence Enterprises, Leslie Loh is as lethal in the dojo as she is in her music. This lady means business and will stop at nothing until she’s conquered the world.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco, British educated Leslie Loh is one of four other siblings. Raised within a music loving family, little Leslie was perfecting her talent from the moment she could walk, studying ballet from just 2 years old and piano, violin and singing from the tender age of 3. Leslie was no average achiever, scooping the highest grades from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and the Royal Academy of Dance in Hong Kong, whilst also winning awards in all piano, violin and speech at several annual Hong Kong Music and Speech Festivals. With extreme excellence flooding through her veins, Leslie later went on to become the 1st violinist at the UK National String Academy.

Graduating from Bristol University with a Bsc in Economics, Leslie perfected her business prowess as she worked in law and investment banking upon graduating. But a talent such as Leslie’s just can’t be desk bound and it didn’t take long before her passion for music quashed her head for business and the Leslie Loh musical phenomena was unleashed.

Soon after quitting the day job, Leslie was offered a fortuitous performance opportunity to duet on the violin with a renowned Hong Kong singer. The audience of the Hong Kong Coliseum were left spellbound and mesmerised by her sensational talent. From that moment the musical fate of Leslie Loh was sealed. An audience member happened to be a UK music scout who instantly recognised Leslie’s on-stage charisma as beyond the exceptional and snapped her up immediately.

The moment her plane touched down in the UK, Leslie began penning and developing her own music, and released her debut single, ‘Satisfied’, which blasted to the No1 slot in the UK Music Week Breakers chart. National UK tours, radio slots and all Party in the Parks followed as Leslie enraptured audiences across the UK. Her second UK tour and single, ‘Boom Bang Bang’’, were equally as successful with the single featuring on MTV, VH1 and the Box TV in the UK and across Europe.

But the awesome Leslie Loh story doesn’t stop there, like all true superwomen her quest to excel in unfathomable genres of art is insatiable and the movie world just couldn’t be ignored. With a natural acting talent, Leslie studied acting at the London Academy for Radio, Films and Television, the Lee Strasburg Method Studio UK, and Actor’s Space LA. Following the global success of movies such as, ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Hero’ etc., Chinese actors became much sought after and Leslie’s acting finesse made her a hot commodity in Hollywood. With her impressive network of connections in the Asian film industry, once cast in an acting role, Leslie was frequently asked to become involved in co-production and behind the scenes activity too. Having ‘astute business woman’ firmly etched on her list of credible assets, Leslie was smart enough to capitalise on the market trend and soon set up her own entertainment company, ‘Nymphaea Entertainment’. The company’s aim is to bridge the gap between global cultural divides, resources and talents across various entertainment fields from music, films, stage shows to musicals. Her acting debut was a cameo in the feature film, ‘Tempting Hearts’, directed by renowned Hong Kong director, Sylvia Chang. Leslie also guest-starred in the US TV series, ‘Flatland’, with Dennis Hopper and co-starred in an international feature film, ‘The Counting House’.

Combining her love of film and music, Leslie also worked on several movie scores, including the composition of a series of instrumental albums entitled, ‘L’Ozone’, and conducting the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. Leslie also frequently finds herself on various TV shows across the US, including the pre-Oscars show, as she’s the spokeswoman for an exclusive beauty and skincare product line called, GP Deva.

But it’s Ms Loh’s current project which will expose her talent to the mass consumer and catapult her into the realms of a household property. ‘Metamothosis’ is the long awaited rock & soul album, which delivers a delicious collection of original tracks that radiate the wonder of Leslie’s unique a



Written By: Leslie Loh

I watch, you move
Your vibe I feel
Tonight I know you will be mine
I stalk you’re still
I lick my lips
Don’t fight the bite
I’ll take what’s mine

I don’t give a shit who you’re hanging with
How you get your kicks
Where you’re going after
If you’re on a date I’m breaking it
Cause I’m stepping in
And you will surrender
I don’t give a shit who you’re hanging with
How you get your kicks
Where you’re going after
If you got a will I’m breaking it
Gonna make you fit
I’m your sweet surrender

I know you’re down
So don’t resist
You’re mine you’re done
And now it’s time
Before we hit
The door you’ll see
I’ll bend I’ll break
I’ll take you’ll scream

Yeah you’ll scream….


Written By: Leslie Loh

Your hands glide
Over my hips
You come close
I bite your lips
No one knows
Our secret code
It’s word by touch that makes me explode

I feel your breath
Run down my neck
There’re places you
Ain’t touch me yet
I rock with you
You’re in my groove
I sink my claws
Ready to shoot

I can taste you on my tongue
I can feel your stare while I suck your thumb
I can taste you on my tongue
Almost got you there before the fun’s begun
I can taste you on my tongue
I can feel your stare while I suck your thumb
I can taste you on my tongue
Almost got you there before the fun’s begun

There’s something that starts to flow
And we both know that we are in the moment
The circle that starts to close
Moving our souls as we now come together
There’s something that starts to flow
And we both know that we are in the moment
This lust will fade at dawn so take what you want

My hands tied
Over your hips
I come close
You lick my lips
No one knows
Our secret code
It’s word by touch that makes me explode

I can taste you
I can feel you
I can feel you
I can taste you


Written By: Leslie Loh & Tee Morris

What does it feel like
To have you in my life
So special every time
We love into the night
So ask and you will receive
It’s done as you will believe
Cause everything I got
Is for you
And it’s true

Take just a moment
To think about this
And you’ll see my true feelings
Revealed in my kiss
And I really can’t hide
What I feel deep inside
Take a look and see
You are the one
I have loved all along
I was waiting for you
To tune in to my song
If you take just a moment
To think and you’ll see
Baby we belong
Just think

Things never done before
Get through to me more and more
You and your special touch
It’s too much, such a rush
So here it is one more time
I’m laying it on the line
The only thing on my mind
Is you
It’s true

For Life

Written By: Leslie Loh & Tee Morris

Look at me
Is it me you see?
Hiding from your gaze
Behind this face
Covered all this time
With a familiar lie
Fear of losing all
Myself in you

I know it sounds so funny but
I steal a glance
When you look away
You still make me weak at my knees
Who are you to
Make me feel this way?

Now I finally realise
(Now I must apologise)
I can’t run from the truth
(I kept running from the truth)
Cause this feeling deep inside
Grows with every touch from you
Starting now I fantasise
With you every night I see
The solution is
You & I
For Life

Lying here
Year ago today
When you first stole my breath
Yet for all this time
Haunted by my past
I walk around in chains
Denying my heart

I’m sorry for the way I act
When you say
I love you to me
Pushing you away
While feeling
A part of me fades


Written By: Leslie Loh

For all this time
I tell myself
Never fall prey to my heart twice
But then you came
And down I lay
Feeling your breath kissing my neck
If you go
Will my heart fold
History turns into fate

In this life I realise
My sanity I sacrifice
Until my soul reaches the sky
Our love our life I won’t deny
Your touch will be my guide
Voices in me I defy
Cause I love you more than life
I need you more than life

To play this game
There’s price to pay
What are the odds my pain be saved
Pacing back & forth
I pray once more
That you won’t walk away
Will you go
Or will we grow
To each other’s fate

Can't Wait

Written By: Leslie Loh & Tee Morris

Since you’ve been away from me
Something’s been bugging me
Not anything you have done
But I wish you weren’t away so long
Now it occurs to me
You’ve made me so happy
You are a part of me
And I can’t stand it when you’re gone

I don’t know how I can
Explain it any clearer
I just know the way I’m feeling deep inside
My heart is still with you
When you go anywhere
Just know I want you close to me
Forever & ever

Can’t wait till you come back baby
This waiting drives me crazy
My only company
Are the notes I strum along
Got so many things to tell you
And so much love to give you
Baby why did you go
And leave me all alone

I know you’re missing me
You’re always telling me
I hear you longing
In your voice down the phone
And when it is late at night
I cuddle my pillow tight
That’s when I fantasise
That we are all alone

I don’t know how I can
Explain it any clearer
I just know I want to feel you deep inside
I need you beside me
To make me feel much better
Just wanna be with you
Forever & ever

Bishop Takes King

Written By: Leslie Loh

Still in play
But now it’s time when you might stray
Will you retreat
Will you remain
In the game
C’est tout ou rien

Hands of time
Unveiling your face
If you change
The rules of this phase
When the heat
Now ups the game
C’est tout ou rien

Love in flight
Mind in plight
Unleash the fear of yesterday
It’s choice not chance
That shapes your fate
Embrace the chance of today

It’s your move
Will you back down when I step up
Meet me and take me
Will you still
Play this game
C’est tout ou rien

This Is Me

Written By: Leslie Loh & Tee Morris

A chance meeting and suddenly
We were lost in intrigue
You stopped in your tracks
I was lost in your eyes
Thinking what could this be
We laughed, we shared,
In dreams we floated
In one kiss out fate was sealed
Too fast, too slow, I know
Nobody was counting

We did connect but suddenly
You turned the power off
I have no time for Jekyll & Hyde
My heart only has room for one

This is me
Why are you running from your heart
Can’t you see
All I am giving is my heart
And why should I
Pay for someone else’s wrong
I know you’re hurt
(The jury’s out)
But I am not the guilty one

There’s so much more to me
That you have yet to see
So why should you act selfishly
And spoil what could be
Cause now you feel like Sydney in December
And an igloo in Alaska
I was hit by an iceburg
When I thought I was diving in lava

We did connect but suddenly
You turned the power off
I took you in your entirety
So stop breaking me into pieces

Time Heals

Written By: Leslie Loh

Lay on the floor
Covered in tears
Lifeless & spent
No strength left to cry
No questions inside
Been emptied and nothing is left
Our love’s stained the ground
I lay on now
And it will stay for always
This cut that you made
Hurts like a blade
If only my flesh is the wound I’d be saved

They say that time heals
I can’t make it move faster
All I know’s how it feels
Just like a thorn in my side
They say that time heals
But how will I recover
All I know’s how it feels
Not knowing if I’ll survive

It’s not your intent
To shatter my heart
But the damage is done
There’s no turning back
After what was said
Now that this pain has begun
No pill I can take
To bury this ache
That burns in my head
This weight is my own
I’ll suffer alone
Till our past is washed from my hands

One day I’ll find I’m overjoyed
One day I’ll smile inside again
One day I’ll write the perfect story
And I’ll have my happy ending


Written By: Leslie Loh

Bringing me here to you again
Say goodbye
Wishing that this won’t be the end
This place
In your arms my soul encased
In hope, I fear.

In your sign
I dwell in fantasy
Flutter ‘round tirelessly
Only be burnt eternally
In your arms my heart encased
In love, I fear.

Time to shed your chains,
Time to spread your wings,
Follow the lunar light
Into the night.
Take a leap of faith
Fly to the realm of fate
Follow the lunar light
Into the night.

One more day, one more month, one more year
A life with you can never be
Frozen veins bleeding ice taunting me
You are a dream that never lives
We can try we can fake we can fight
A lie it’ll always be
In love, in hope, I fear.


Singles "Satisfied" & "Boom Bang Bang" were released in the UK. Debut album, "Metamothosis", is currently being streamed.

Set List

Typical set: 45 mins

1. Prey

2. Flow

3. Think

4. For Life

5. Sacrifice

6. Can't Wait

7. Bishop Takes King

8. This Is Me

9. Metamothosis