Leslie Nuss

Leslie Nuss


amazing voice, innate melodies, great lyrics, hot.


She's influenced by other musicians in the studio. She's real and sincere, lyrically...maybe way above your head. Deep. But accessible.


Heliotrope (full-length CD)-1998
Action Hero Superstar (full-length CD)-2001
LESLIE NUSS (full-length CD)-2005
songs from AHSS have been on NBC shows, dvd's for Dawson's Creek/Party of Five and played at college radio--Scarlet Letter, Time Capsule

Set List

typical? playing old and new songs. 1 set, 30-50 minutes. You want all 60 or so songs listed? She's like Bob Dylan. Every song's great.
set list:
I Was Not Made For This World
He's Not Gay (He Just Doesn't Like You)
What Do I Do To Make You Mine
If You Were My Boyfriend
Blake's England
Setting Sun
Ignore You
Time Capsule