Leslie Sanazaro

Leslie Sanazaro


Female singer/songwriter and indie pop pianist.


Leslie Sanazaro is an active performer and singer-songwriter pianist. A degreed musician and international touring singer, she released her first EP ‘Stars in the Attic' in 2006. Since then she has organized international solo tours, gained radio airplay in the US, Canada and Europe. From February to May of 2008 Leslie played over 70 shows in Asia. Leslie released her new record "On Your Roof" in September, 2008.

Influenced by pop, folk, classic rock, jazz and modern day songwriters, some of Leslie’s major influences include Carole King, Rickie Lee Jones, Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel among others. She has played in all kinds of settings, namely jazz groups and singer-songwriter settings, was the lead singer in a trip-hop band in Philadelphia, sang with a Midwest rock-n-roll outfit and sings in studios from the Midwest to the east coast on numerous recording projects.

She has been written up and reviewed for her musical and cause related efforts many times in and outside of St. Louis, including articles about her environmental tour. The Green Light Tour 2007 played 20 cities throughout the US and Canada in just over three weeks that May, teaming up with environmental sponsors, planting trees and raising awareness about global warming in each city.

Leslie is currently living in St. Louis and maintains a full-time playing schedule.


On Your Roof

Written By: Leslie Sanazaro

On Your Roof

Tell me what you’re thinking honey tell me what you feel
You know we both got a piece of the puzzle right here.
Remember that day I saw three black crows
Last summer right before we hit the road

We can go walking at night
‘Cause water makes color of light when it rains in the

Like St. Louis sunrise when I saw it
From Your Roof

We were love at first sight in a French café
Been together since then almost everyday
The music wasn’t paying and I didn’t have a job
Still I saw you that night at an Irish bar

Let’s call you out of work today
Lay out in the sun go see the
Whales in Alaska before they’re all gone

We can go walking at night
‘Cause water makes color of light when it rains in the

You know
Sunset it’s the

Evening noon the light it painted you golden on the roof
Like St. Louis sunrise when I saw it from Your Roof
The light it painted you golden on the roof.

Hot and Cold

Written By: Leslie Sanazaro

Hot and Cold

Tell me once then tell me a thousand times
I know we just met, so for tonight maybe just give me a ride

But there’s someone waiting at home
Maybe there is dinner or maybe he’s sitting all alone

Give me some kind of sign as to whether I’m
Hot or Cold with you dear
You give me some kind of high it makes me want to
Tell it to you just one more time so that you get it right
That I’m high on you dear
And if tomorrow never comes you’ll know what I think about

Waiting for you in the snow to tell you something I
Was told to say
Can’t talk to you anymore you’ve got to
Stay away

Years have passed I still remember you in your coat
Now it hangs in our hallway ‘cause you
Called back the very next day you

Gave me some kind of sign that I was
Hot and Cold with you dear
It gave me some kind of high, it made me want to
Tell it to you just one more time so that you get it right
That I’m high on you dear
And if tomorrow never comes you’ll know what I think about you.

For You

Written By: Leslie Sanazaro

For You

You’re beautiful and kind
A giver of your mind a passion marking time
You talk big, you dream out loud
Not noticing the clouds
Your hands move bigger things than me

So pick me up and make me fly
All your day’s a paradise
And you move mountains in a day’s work
So let me ask you what can I do
For You?

A box of keys that makes me tired
But gives me back a life that’s less retired
You lead by reminders they’re abrasive but they’re true
They’re giving me dancing stones
But what do I give to you?

Put On Your Shoes

Written By: Leslie Sanazaro

Put On Your Shoes

Smile in passing don’t look too long
Store it away and dream through a song
I can’t sit still I’m waiting to rush
On everything I haven’t seen everything I’ve not

I crush like a can under your foot
I’m shaking and baking in coffee and rooks
This one’s so sweet this one’s so sad
Who is the best one that I’ll ever have?

Ooh, ooh
Here comes a change
Ooh, ooh
Choices dictate the sage
Ooh, ooh
Here goes—you can’t lose
All you have to do
Honey is Put On Your Shoes

I feel like a fairy dancing on stones
Flittering fluttering like lightning bugs
Who light up the night who you can’t predict
The master is thoughtful the student you can kiss

You can start over as much as you like
Find the same things til you shine some light
On the night in your heart where it’s quiet and dark
Things you don’t say can do you harm

Healthy Obsession

Written By: Leslie Sanazaro

Health Obsession

Is it alright to spend my time daydreaming of you?
I don’t even know you.
You’re a crafter of words
They come to me in letters and postcards.

You’re driving at 3am alone
Through the fields and gravel roads
While you look for reception

You’re perfect in my mind
A Healthy Obsession

I’ve been so far from home
You’ve been out on your own
These last eight years or so

So push the sun to me
I’ll keep us up under the moon
I touch you twice and don’t even tell you.

You’re perfect in my mind
A Healthy Obsession
You’re perfect in my mind
This Healthy Obsession.


'Stars in the Attic' (2006) EP. Receives regular play on local St. Louis radio KDHX, Streaming Radio on The Lou , regularly on 'Women of Substance' Radio on Live365.com, nationally on independent radio stations, and Canadian and European radio airplay through licensing agreements. Leslie's music can be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, CdBaby, MySpace, SnoCap, ReverbNation and others. The new EP 'On Your Roof' is NOW AVAILABLE.

Set List

Leslie is currently playing songs from her newest release 'On Your Roof' as well as songs from her 2006 'Stars in the Attic'. Additionally she plays an ever varying list of covers, each with their own twist.