Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid

Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid


Sparsely arranged, mysterious and dark, as if Nick Cave was a redneck and even more bad-tempered than he already is anyways. Folk in its darkest style of play, traditional but seductive, precipitous and alluring (GQ Germany) SEE MORE INFO AND HEAR MORE SONGS ON MYSPACE


....Ms. Woods has surely been through enough true-life experience to add grit and reality to her siren songs of the wrong side of the tracks. As a teenager, the singer was a prominent figure in Knoxville's first wave punk scene. Later, she became locally famous (or is it infamous?) as a gothic scene maker and fashion plate. Woods was a pioneer of the post-punk, neo rockabilly look that is the current vogue. In fact, one could say that she was a prototype Suicide Girl. If Lydia Lunch sang country songs with the voice of Billie Holiday, well, that might just be an apt description of what Woods delivers. (John Sewell 2005) Listeners are often at a loss to categorize her haunting and erotic music, more often finding comparisons in film and literature. Leslie's songs draw on the rich tradition of southern gothic writing. The moniker, "Appalachian Gothic" is more a reference to Flannery O'Connor than music. The songs that make up The Luxury of Sin are glimpses into a soul so adeptly rendered that they work on the level of film noir. The tales are painted vividly but never in clear view. Though Leslie's strong and breathy vocals are center stage throughout the record, it is her band Dark Mountain Orchid that seals the deal. Pulling from nearly every American musical tradition, they seamlessly weave rock, country, bluegrass, folk and jazz in a way that works effortlessly ..


Velve Sky - Leslie Woods - County Line Records
The Luxury of Sin - Leslie Woods and Dark Mountain Orchid - Cult Star Records
Re-issue Velvet Sky/The Luxury of Sin Double CD - Glitterhouse Records-Germany

Set List

We do all original material except for a few oddball mountain ballads and can pull about two one hour sets.