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Mosquitos is a band that mixes Reggae with Latino rhythms and Ska in a very smooth and pleasant way.
Every show so far has been characterised by such an incredible energy that whether the crowd consists
of 2 people, 50 people or 200 people, everyone grooves just as intensely. People seem to just let go very
easily whenever they hear the Mosquitos.
The seed of the band was planted years ago when Mason on the guitar and Frank on the drums would get
together and jam. Mason had a great reggae background, influenced by names such as Bob Marley and
Peter Tosh. Frank too, although he also loved Latin music, Latin jazz and Punk. This rare mix turned out
really interesting as these guys worked out a lot of ideas that would later on become strong trademark
sounds for the Mosquitos.
For years, they struggled to find other musicians that shared their vision. At some point they went around
the city putting posters on walls that would read “Reggae band looking for bassist”. Two people answered
the ad, but it never worked out. Many bassists went by, up until an individual named Guillaume came
along. He was a guitarist with more of a Metallica and Pink Floyd kind of background. He loved what
Mason and Frank had going on so he decided to try out the bass. It’s been about two years and he’s never
looked back.
These three guys went on for about a year creating songs like Ganja sin Semilla, Mamasita Baila and other
tracks that today are very popular in the underground. The band finally came to its present shape when a
sax player named Orlando entered the picture. This Colombian, who also happened to rock the electric
guitar, was a breath of fresh air. His Latin roots brought something the band wasn’t used to and, to everyone’s
surprise; it fit very well with the band’s vision.
It’s been about a year now that the band as we know it performed their first show. It was a battle of the
bands. They weren’t even trying, they just wanted to play, and due to the reaction of the crowd they
unquestionably owned the whole competition. That’s where the real momentum started and they haven’t
let their guard down since. They have been jamming consistently to meet deadlines, sometimes as much
as 5 times a week, and pumping the pavement hard to get a little bit of recognition. They’ve worked passionately
and nonstop as they know that this band is THE band.
They’re also constantly trying out different people as the band has yet to reach its full form. The latest
member to enter the group is Jamie, a strong and pleasant personality that loves percussion and hitting
drums with his hands, adding great strength to the foundation of the band.
Right now, Mosquitos is growing at a consistent pace as their local shows keep attracting more and more