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Les Paul

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My name is Les Paul, I'm an artist based out of Kansas City, MO. I like to incorporate the nostalgic aspects of my childhood with the harsh realities of what we face even today. I keep a high level of energy at my shows to remind people of what Hip Hop use to be like & will hopefully become again.


In comparison to other mid major cities the Kansas City hip hop scene is still rather young and burgeoning. Amongst the list of talented performers who have risen from the land of the waving wheat, the Midwestern Mecca for all things jazz, has slowly developed a reputation for the caliber of Emcees it helped to develop. The struggle in past years amongst those already established Kansas City artists is in who should they pass the proverbial torch to from the up and coming generation. Les Paul, the 23 year old Kansas City native, has been patiently preparing his craft and sound for the last few years with the pretense of gradually climbing the ranks of his fellow peers and mentors. His latest release,L.I.F.E., is a collaborative effort with 16 year old French-born Producer Elias Abid, and is aimed to show both the progression and potential of both of their respective musical levels. Pushing the bar lyrically, creatively, and conceptually, Les Paul, is a far cry from that of the counter culture influenced minds of his generation through their mutual love for skateboarding. With a rebellious spirit that lends itself well to the energetic vibe of his music, L.I.F.E., and upcoming releases from the young wordsmith should have no problem in assisting in his rise to great things The future is indeed NOW.


The Real EP - produced by Osiris-1
"Fantastic Voyage" - feat. Sir Adams/ produced by Osiris-1
"Mad World" - feat. AWE/ produced by Osiris-1
"Hip Hop" - feat. Steezus Christ/ produced by Osiris-1

L.I.F.E. - produced by Elias Abid
"FRMTHASTRT" - produced by BrandUn DeShay
"The Past" - feat Cuddy Mac, Dom Chronicles/ produced by Elias Abid
"Shadows" - feat. JL of BHood, Sierra Tyler/ produced by Elias Abid
"Immortals" - feat. Dom Chronicles/ produced by Robot Oxford
"Dreamer" - feat. Milkdrop/ produced by Milkdrop
"Recognize" - feat. Dom Chronicles, My Homie Josh/ Produced by Gila Monsta
"Astrolove" - produced by Elias Abid
"Tony Danza" - feat The Abnorm/ produced by Elias Abid & Les Paul