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Brooklyn, New York, United States

Brooklyn, New York, United States
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"Interview & Review Les Racquet"

"Much like the album, while watching these guys perform live there is never a boring moment. They were interactive with their audience, used entertaining transitions…and toward the end they each made sure to dazzle us with several raw solos." - Side by Side Media Collective

"Les Racquet - Whale Hail (review)"

If you are not afraid to expand your musical horizon, please be my guest and take a listen to Les Racquet. Instead of taking the intentional reaction to "what genre should we stick to," this three piece trio holds on to the fact that, what you feel is what you make. Simple, right. Patrick Carroll (lead singer and guitarist) has a voice you wold listen to while reading the newspaper. Haven't you ever come across someone that generally has an appealing vocal tone, along with the range that counter acts a lasting vibe. While taking a guitar solo in Lady Luck for a ride that may have you thinking twice about your own guitar skills. Kenny Murphy (bass guitarist and vocals) not only attempts and willingly triumphs in the reconstruction of forging his own bass sound. Being able to take a surf, rockabilly and slightly indie tone can make or break the perfection of rhythm. Then Daniel Malone (drummer and vocals as well) leads this trio into territory that could either be the beginning affair or aftermath of that torrid affair, pick your bed wisely. But as a fan of percussion Malone what are your secrets to invoke those eerie yet seductive heart beats that pulsate throughout Whale Hail. Les Racquet come from Brooklyn, New York the land were technicality looses function and feeling good in the groove of things becomes prominent in recording an album. Oddly a band that could easily be touring with Unknown Mortal Orchestra has not been signed by any label. Whether they are looking in to it or not, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. But to true musicianship, they take the D.I.Y. concept and did everything themselves until eventually having to require a management team and a merch person while on tour. You can only go so far until you need a little help, that's understandable.

These days it is rare to come across a three part harmonized based band. Usually you're stuck with the one person who sticks to the microphone while the others slink back into their required places. Instead you could mix it up and have not only fresh, new sounding and original sounds. But ultimately that's what creates a lasting impression. Now I've been told that they're live shows equally are brought to life just so as the album makes you feel so. See we do not have to deal with the whole, what you get on record is completely separate from what you receive on stage. If you decide to take a day and take some time off, go to Les Racquet's bandcamp page or be one of those kind people and buy there 14 song album Whale Hail. With luscious titles as such ( Lady Luck, Devil Girl, Zumi, Daydreams and High Fidelity) you'll not only want to possibly move to the music but have a happier day. Because when it comes down to it, music effects our mood. It effects the current events that we happened to have sound-tracked from moment to moment, and these guys definitely have found the feel good spell to eclipse any region. - Indie Music Album Reviews

"Les Racquet - Live at the Studio"

Here's a band demanding a little more their audience. Les Racquet turn through more directions in track 'Too Young's ' fantastic harmonies than most bands get through in an album. The trio met up in Brooklyn under two years, and already have a full-length under the belts. But their sound is even more ambitious. There's an almost schitzophrenic cocktail here that moves from punk to Afrobeat to acid jazz in equal turns, but never pulls away from the meat and potatoes required of any ambitious young group. Like an iPod playlist come to life, this is a group you'll find impossible to pin down, but easy to get down to. - The Deli NYC

"Les Racquet - Be Water My Friend EP (review)"

Brooklyn-based Les Racquet’s newly released EP is an exciting introduction to this power trio, a group that exists in a realm somewhere outside the limits of most power trios that likely come to mind.
Les Racquet’s three-part vocal harmonies immediately set them apart from the fold. These guys can rock with the best, but their ability to blend multi-layered vocal textures into this strategy is a rarity in their game. Additionally, their musicianship is too vast to allow them to be strictly categorized, bringing textures based in jazz, funk, and pop to their rock and roll roots.

Being an EP release, this is surely just a hint of what this young but upwardly mobile band is capable of. How rarely does one encounter an album without noticeable flaws? I’m comfortable saying that this is one of those albums. Track by track, Be Water My Friend is a joy! At times energetic, and at times appropriately sedate, Les Racquet has found a formula that warrants continuation.

“Bruce Li” allows the band to just rock out, highlighting each of the members’ skills at their instruments, and their attack is unrestrained. This is the only instrumental track, and although their singing is above the bar throughout the album, I enjoy hearing the pure musicianship these guys can harness. Les Racquet’s formula is tied to their ability to sing/harmonize, but I would be excited to experience more of their adeptness at communication purely through music.

The final track (“I Know You”) is a tamer, more plaintive beast. It’s a song about the loss of connection we all experience with particular people along the way. The band painfully sings, “We used to have so much fun together.” A band should be topically well-rounded, and Les Racquet is exactly that. Every song cannot be a party, and who wants an album full of downer tracks? This trio hits all of the marks.

Topically, this isn’t a fluff album. The songs are rich and the vocal qualities pour from a three piece that can actually sing! Too many bands sing, seemingly because they think they are required to. Les Racquet is the total package, in that their vocals are high in quality, and their skills on their particular instruments are as polished and thoughtful as they come. I’m excited to say that I’ve found a new band to watch out for! You’re going to want to check them out too. - Home Grown Music Network

"A Little Les Racquet, Please"

"Their energy and enthusiasm translates. Les Racquet is racking up a cult following all around the country." - Connect Savannah

"Les Racquet"

"Seeing these guys was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a long time...Each one is a master of his craft and they work together incredibly. Their lyrics are eloquent simple and beautiful, never distracting or disheartening. Their beats are lively but also sincere and serious." - Bushwick Community Darkroom

"Show Review, Les Racquet, Bug Jar"

“Talent-wise all three members impressed, but what was most impressive was the melding of seemingly divergent sounds. The bass, drums and guitar could simultaneously veer off on a tangent without losing the greater whole. The gorgeous three-part harmonies were the melodic highlight of the songs. Then they also weren’t afraid to throw an adventurous instrumental into the mix.” - Tympanogram

"Les Racquet at the Bug Jar"

"Their incredible range of influences and styles allows each song to appear fresh and unexpected" - The Rochester Daily

"Les Racquet Heads to the Roc!"

"A band that got its start just a year ago and is already touring heavily Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions, Les Racquet has become a movement of sorts leaving new fans and great reviews in every city they touch..." - Venus Lockett, Rochester Music Video Examiner

"The Black Lips, Les Racquet"

"The name, with a nod and a wink, is pronounced “less racket.” I wish Patrick Carroll, Kenneth Murphy and Daniel Malone had been among the many young Brooklyn bands in town during the recent Savannah Stopover – their clever and catchy power-trio rock ‘n’ roll, with a lot of improve and jamming, is capped nicely with three-part vocal harmonies. Coulda done with more of that." - Bill De Young, Connect Savannah


Still working on that hot first release.



The strength of Les Racquet's live show is versatility and sensitivity to the room and the vibe and creativity to move music fluidly to keep rooms intrigued and entertained. They know how to improvise and inspire and control the emotion of their audience. Their sound has been likened to Dr. Dog ("on crack") the Fleet Foxes ("...if someone gave them balls.") Frank Zappa and Queen.

Following the release of their second record, Be Water My Friend in early 2012, the band continued the tour they started in October to and from SXSW. Soon after they were approached by National Booking agency and Record Label We are Young Giant. The band co-booked a national tour with WAYG that took them out to the west coast by way of America's Heartland then over through Texas and up through the plains into the midwest and finally pushed them back to the East Coast for august (2012). The band won Home Grown Music Network's "New Artist of the Year 2012". Les Racquet released their third album, a 14 song full length entitled 'Whale Hail', which acts as an homage to their North East roots and a pun for their new found love and support for the South. The album was recorded at Elevated Basement Studios in Savannah, GA. The band began working with Home Grown Music Network for management and Nimbleslick Entertainment for booking. 

Les Racquet has the drive, talent and focus to keep growing, and have been gathering support all over the country with no plans to let off the gas.

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