Les Reves

Les Reves


Thirsty? Take a bit of Moriarty and mix it up with Trippplenippples, shake it up with some minted ice and serve with a sugar rim.. presenting Les Reves. Digi/art/folk duo serving you up energetic, atmospheric and poetic soundscapes, so deliciously fresh and creative they'll go straight to your head


Take a fantastical and poetic journey into a world of creative and atmosphric soundscapes with Les Reves. Digital art-folk duo Les Reves began as a family creative music project with their two young daughters, who contribute with and make appearances in several tracks, including Dandylion and La Lune. Les Reves have flourished and continued their innovative sound ever since. They have a wide range of musical influences ranging from the incredible string band, Acid Brass, Portishead to Massive attack. Hannah is a fine artist, you are invited to view her work at www.hannahhardyart.com, her dynamic and tender style infiltrates her innovative lyrics, which she first began in the London based art pop band The Blond Streaks. Tom is a super speed turntable scratch artist. With these combined creative powers Les Reves have created an innovative and unique sound which enthused with their theatrical energy on stage is a taste of things to come...


The Personal is Poetical- EP 2012
Dazzle- Album 2011
Les Reves- Album 2010