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Les Robot

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Band Rock Avant-garde


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Les Robot @ The Banff Center for the Arts

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Les Robot @ The Rice Theatre - Leonard Cohen International Festival

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Les Robot @ The Rice Theatre - Leonard Cohen International Festival

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Les Robot's tune "Well Gone Dry" has held the #1 spot in GarageBands

Well Gone Dry
"...a diverse, cohesive, funky, twangy, bombastic song, its cool, funky, fresh..."
"I can't get enough of this stuff..."

"...playing is flawless, wacky, funkilicious!"..."Oh naughty naughty,
pulling out all those nasty rockabilly licks..."
"Fantastic vintage vibe going on here, skilful and interesting..."

Pet Monkey
"...The first thing that strikes you about this song is the breadth of its ambition..."
"dark in mood, weird, groovy, tight, engaging, a cinematic vibe..."
"This is seriously original..."

Cocaine Cowboys
"...layed back bluegrass swamp music..."
"... a lead tune for Quinton Terratino feature?
... Groove, groove, groove!"

"Bottom Line: 'Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?' ... NOW!"


Check out this high energy release from Canadian act Les Robot for his 10 track offering of crazy guitar. From songs about Ouija boards (Push), to friendly primates (Pet Monkey), a rotten city (Diesel) and moptop lollypops ("Cocaine Cowboys"). Progressive/Blues


- www.garageband.com

"Blistering guitar solos have awed crowds for decades, but Les Robot has gone them one better - he created rock'n'roll frenzy in a field full of mice.
As a farm kid growing up near Radway, sometimes he liked to set up his Marshall amp near a summer house and practise some of his hot licks.
"I turned it up and these mice came out of the woodwork - they ran right over my feet and onto the screen of my speaker cabinet, " Robot says.
It never happened again, even though he tried, but it still earned him the moniker of pied piper among his friends..."
.... " Watching him play makes a slowhand (literally) like me wonder why I ever picked up a stringed instrument.
He moves between different styles and different techniques with such fluidity. He's a rock guitarist, but throws in some mutant country riffs and a few jazz licks here and there. Watch the video on edmontonjournal.com and you'll know what I mean...
Michael Molenda, the editor-in-chief of Guitar Player... was impressed by the eclectic nature of Les Robot's playing in the original instrumental track he submitted.
"He can negotiate a lot of different styles and has deep background in all the roots of rock and blues, " Molenda says. "It was almost a history lesson in the blues, jazz, and rock.".... - The Edmonton Journal - Sadava


Les Robot - The Electric Arc - COMING SOON!
Check out Audio Files for a Sneak Peak

Les Robot - Self Titled 2005



“He is a true original and clearly loves his craft”
Stuart Hamm, Renowned Bassist

“Captain Beefheart goes Country”
Elliot Easton, The Cars

“Astounding, it was so eclectic, it was so fresh... great tone, how do you do that?”
Steve Lukather, Studio Guitar Legend

“He can negotiate a lot of different styles and has a deep background in all the roots of rock and blues. (His playing) was almost a history lesson in blues, jazz and rock.”
Michael Molenda, Editor-in-chief of Guitar Player’s Magazine


Les Robot is a self-taught player who absorbs information from every available tool and genre he can get his hands on and translates that into his music giving the listener a deep, often humorous but always refreshing experience.

He has established himself as a rightful member of the international guitar community by contributing music that is genuine, inventive and entertaining.

Les is currently preparing to release and promote his latest recording, “The Electric Arc” and at work producing an Instructional Guitar DVD.


Winner - 2006 North American Rock Guitar Competition - Buffalo, New York

First Runner up - 2007 Guitar Player’s Magazine Guitar Hero 2007 - San Francisco, CA

Original Columnist for Guitar Player’s “Badass” lessons feature

Writes and performs original music for the National Film Board of Canada’s full-length feature “Dirt”

Invited to perform at Guitar Player’s Magazine booth at the 2008 NAMM show in Anaheim, CA

Provided Truefire with an audio guitar lesson

Appears alongside internationally renowned A/V artist Clinker, at the Leonard Cohen International Festival 2008

Released self-titled debut in 2005

Has been writing and performing guitar in North America for over 20 years most notably with metal band Specula Black

Over 10 years experience in MI


Contact Les at contactrobot@lesrobot.com for collaborations, commisions, bookings and info.


Many thanks to Roland Canada for their support and to Guitar 8 for ...