Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

 Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Lesson Learned is a pop-punk experience between the sheets w/Timmer's tale telling life's lyrics along w/the trans-absorbing guitar riffs resonating from Randy, soulfully exposed strums on Gregg's bass & Kipp's dynamically placed drum rhythms.


Lesson Learned....a band story to be told to the masses! Lesson Learned got its start after a grueling battle of heartache, headaches and hangovers. Tim Krause, the front man of Lesson Learned, was ready to hang up his vocals until Gregg Payne approached, begging Tim to release his talents once again to his adoring fans. Several jam sessions in to it, Tim and Gregg decided to give their band a name and more members. Together they interviewed drummers and soon discovered a pugnaciously energetic and rhythmatically skilled drummer named Kipp.

Now that the band was becoming an ever more growing blend of perfection, there was only one more element to add; a driven lead guitarist. The newly formed trio interviewed guitarists until they came to a decision to employ a talented lead guitarist whose natural guitar riffs came through as a perfect blend to the already talented trio. Hence granting the addition of Randy Newhouse. Lesson Learned had now become a complete entity.

Lesson Learned's "one up" on the pop-punk world comes from through the tale telling of life living lyrics poured out through the 23 years of combined musical experience, shared amongst it's 4 gifted musicians.

Lessons learned throughout a lifetime is what helps to drive and influence Lesson Learned through every lyric written, every jam session, every gig played and life for these musicians in general.



Millcreek - Appleton, WI
Route 54 - New London, WI
The Sports Bar - Wakefield, MI
Route 15 - Grand Chute, WI
Tiger Den - Wrightstown, WI
Village Lanes - Little Chute, WI
Doubles Bar - Green Bay, WI
Mr. Big's - Appleton, WI
The Flagstone - Appleton, WI
The Hardware Store - Kaukauna, WI
Paperfest Festival - Kimberly, WI
The Tap Haus - Kaukauna, WI
Tanner's - Kimberly, WI
Live Local Television Appearance - NBC 26 Later Today - Green Bay, WI
The Bar on Limekiln - Green Bay, WI
The 10th Frame - Appleton, WI

National Bands We Have Opened For
Midnight to Twelve
Tommy Tutone

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Drown My Fears

Written By: Tim Krause

Let's Go...

Now and then I forget it all
I Drown My Fears in alcohol
Every night dreams of you crashin in
I chase them away with one little Vicodin

And I’ll be waiting for you
Just a phone call even that will do
I’ll be waiting for you
And I’ll be waiting for you

And just when it seems that it’s the end of all
When I run out of said alcohol
Now and then I guess I seem to fall
I kill my nightmares with Demerol

And I’ll be waiting for you
Just one more beer even that will do
I’ll be waiting for you
And I’ll be waiting for you
Lets go...

I take these pills
Give me my thrills
Help me forget about you
I took them twice
Against your advice
They help me forget about you

I won’t be waiting for you
And all the nightmares that you put me through
I won’t be waiting for you
I won’t be waiting for you


2008 EP-self titled-Lesson Learned

Set List

Set list includes a 70/30 mix of all original to cover music. Some of the covers include songs from "Sugarcult", "The Cure", "The Ramones", "Bryan Adams-Summer of 69", and a punked out verson of "Poisons-Every Rose Has it's Thorn".

Length of sets are approx. (2) 1hour sets.