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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Band Christian Classic Rock


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"Pictured Windows/Spot 79"

April 2006 Issue

by Kurt "Swingcat" Johnson

Pictured Windows is clearly not your typical classic rock band. With their own interpretations performance style, their show is completely unique. Check Bandstand for their upcoming performances.

For Spot 79 information, check out ad and Music on Tap.

- Positively Entertainment and Dining

"Pictured Windows/Hoppin at The Beach Club"

By Mark Warye

This October evening, Pictured Windows Band entertained at the new place in town, Hoppin at the Beach Club, located at 11119 S.E. Division. It is nice to see a place get started and watch something special grow. When you walk in, you quickly recognize the beach theme with nets on the wall and ceiling and nautical items such as anchors, life preservers, sea creatures, beach balls and such things found by and in the sea. Palm tree leaves are placed in different corners and on top of things to give you a feeling that you are in a tropical paradise. It is an ongoing process of arranging the décor and adjusting to suit the needs of everyone. They just got a second pool table on this day, adding to a very nice layout.

Tonight, the music was by Pictured Windows Band, performing to a fairly packed house. They kept the crowd going as they performed many of their own originals, as well as many familiar cover tunes. Whenever the band played their originals tunes, the people seemed to really get into the music with the most enthusiasm, dancing and enjoying themselves.

Pictured Windows is comprised of four members; Mike Cairns drummer, vocalist and leader of the band, has a very impressive drum set that almost defies the idea that one person could play them all. Cairns is a very energetic person who keeps everything moving not only when they are playing, but also in his role as manager in booking the band.

Tylee, Cairns’ son, plays the keyboards. Tylee is the youngest member of the group at 16 years old. He is a self-taught keyboardist who learns quickly and gets better each time I hear him play. Tylee has a lot of responsibilities for a young man of his age, not only playing the keyboards, but also the bass line. Tylee sets up the sound system and fine tunes it as they play.

Guitarist David Vetter is a well-versed individual in the art of music. He is working towards getting his degree in music, as well as playing with Pictured Windows. As soon as Vetter starts to play, you will realize that he is capable of playing beyond what is on the songlist. His influence plays a good part in the original songs they perform. Vetter plays an Ibanez seven-string guitar that produces some very unique sounds.

Rachel Vetter is David’s wife, as well as the group’s lead singer. Rachel has a three-octave voice range. She says she is getting voice lessons to learn to utilize her voice to its fullest extent. Her voice instructor is teaching her to sing opera as well. Rachel leads the group with her vocals; bringing a female’s touch to the group’s music and performances. Rachel and David joined the group three-and-a-half years ago when this group was in its creating stages. Since the origin of the group, Rachel has developed into a fine singer and is learning to enhance her voice and her stage presence with every performance.

While waiting to see the performance by Pictured Windows, this writer noticed all the delicious food delivered to the patrons and decided to order a big Kahana Burger. It was oblong and in a sub-type bun, unusual and delicious. Jimmy the cook says that the food is brought in fresh every day. He tours the crowd of patrons between orders to make sure every order is to the expectation of every patron.

Owner Erika Clover says that the plan is to feature music every night of the week. Monday is Franco and the Strangers; Tuesday, The Bandits; Wednesday is audition night for bands wanting to perform there. Thursdays bring Taska and the Outlaws to the stage for a jam. Friday and Saturday nights is either a blues or rock band performing at the club. Sundays brings the big band swing sound to the club with Dejavu. Rounding up the evening is Franco Paletta from 9-2. Clover says that she intends to open up the interior more to make more room for a larger dance floor, as well as opening up the outside for a garden patio. If this isn’t enough, they also provide Texas Hold ’Em on Friday nights from 6-10 p.m. Karaoke is scheduled Monday through Friday from 5-9 p.m.

If you can’t find something to your taste with the entertainment happening here, check back as they keep adding to the already full list of offerings.

The grand opening for the Beach Club is on Oct. 20, with the fabulous Strange Tones as the featured band for the evening’s celebration. Tonight’s performance by Pictured Windows was enjoyed by many as they danced to the music. The age group ranged from young to old, covering all boundaries that separate age. Music seems to have a way of crossing all boundaries of age, nationality and gender. For more information on where Pictured Windows plays next, look in the Bandstand section. If you want to visit a tropical getaway without leaving town, head on down to the Hoppin’ at the Beach Club. - Positively Entertainment

"Happen 'N' Place"

By Linda Phillips

If you have a dream, do you still have faith enough in yourself to take action and just do it?

Here is a story that is sure to inspire you. Once upon a time, there was a classic rock band with a drummer who just happened to know the restaurant business, with a property in the perfect location.

Michael Cairns took that leap of faith to create his dream! He thought it would be nice to have a place for musicians to share their talents with all ages. This would be a place where the whole family could enjoy music, great food and espresso every day of the week, a place that is as comfortable as home, right in the neighborhood. You could cozy up with a book while sipping a latté on Sunday morning or bring the family in for dinner, so they can hear you jam with locals on Monday night. With Valentines Day coming up, you could have a great dinner with your sweetheart, then get up and dance.

Cairns had all these great ideas collecting over the years of experience he had as a professional musician. He put his heart into it and took action with help from his family and friends. He overcame the obstacles, created his dream called The Happen ‘N’ Place, located at 4135 S.E. Gladstone Street.

This restaurant owner/musician always knew he could give guests in The Happen ‘N’ Place live music and great food in a setting that feels like you just stepped into your living room. You won’t need to worry about cigarette smoke and you’ll always be home in time for a good night’s sleep because closing time is 9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Music starts around 7 p.m. on most nights and there is plenty of diversity in styles, ranging from alterative all the way to classic country and everything in between.

The spring will bring added enjoyment to The Happen ‘N’ Place because with the nice weather, the patio area will be open so you can enjoy the full service menu all day, outdoors. You are sure to find whatever you’re in the mood to eat, from pastry, and to salads, soups or the delicious Monte Cristo. This is a healthy club with all the great times you might find at the bar, only it’s good for everyone.

The Pictured Windows Band is of course the house band here on S.E. 41st and Gladstone. As a matter-of-fact, you can catch them learning new material from time to time on Tuesday nights. This club has provided a home base for this group and you can see them featured here one weekend a month. Make sure to look for the listing of up-and-coming entertainment in March.

Rachael Better is the lead vocalist and public relations specialist, she greets everyone with her big smile and is always working to fulfill song requests with her versatile sweet voice. Keyboardist Tylee Cairns can play most anything and adds great instrumentation, creating a full sound. It’s always impressive when a guitar player sounds great and has good tone at a low volume and David Better does just that.

Each member of the group adds vocally to keep the mix interesting and the repertoire vast. Appropriately, Michael is the group’s drummer because his high-energy personality keeps the group lively and upbeat. Michael has a lot on his plate but wouldn’t have it any other way; the rest of the players share his passion for the music and have been a great support in this endeavor.

This writer was able to be present on opening night to experience the excitement of the band with the positive fun and atmosphere at The Happen ‘N’ Place. Yes, any thing is possible when you have the direction and drive to follow your dream. (See Music on Tap for details.) - Positively Entertainment

"Tunes from many eras LeSSons Learned draws fans at Pete’s Lair"

by KT

Rachael Vetter (Photo by KT)On a recent pleasant evening, Pete’s Lair housed an end-of-run party with live entertainment by a band called Noughtie, followed by the LeSSons Learned band.

Pete’s Lair, 17720 S.E. McLoughlin in Milwaukie, is a casual and comfortable place to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Several TVs show sports or other video material. The interior decor speaks for itself: Huge exposed timber beams and pillars hint at an earlier time. Pete’s Lair is not a large place, but it houses a surprising number of friendly people on any given night. A pool table resides just inside the front door and seating includes bar, booths and tables.

Pete’s Lair offers a full-service bar as well as many beers, brews and ales. The menu includes the expected items such as hamburgers, but also boasts the Hog Burger and the Rhino. Some “munchie” menu items are available as well.

The Noughtie Band did a good job of demonstrating the sound-alike meaning of their name, but were not extreme in that genre. Their music was straight-ahead, hard rock. They have helped to book some of the events that LeSSons Learned now plays.

LeSSons Learned is Rachael Vetter, vocalist and out-front leader/conducter; David Vetter, guitar; Bryan “Groovemeister” Martindale, bass and Greg Shewbert, drumset. Rachael’s husband David’s influences include Deep Purple, Van Halen, The Who, Ratt, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen and more. He attended the Guitar Institute of Technology in California and took in even more variety of styles.

Bassist Martindale’s 25-year music history includes working with The Hookmeisters, Seven and a Bad Company Tribute band called Desolation.

Drummer Shewbert is a long-time singer and plays festivals, jazz, rock and sings in church. Rachael describes him as having a positive attitude and a motivator for the band.

Rachael says after her old band broke up, she started out with her husband, guitarist David. They were able to gather other musicians to make a group to fulfill previously booked gigs like Woodstick Festival in Boring, Ore., and the X-Fest in Stevenson, Wash. in September.

Everyone sings on at least a couple of tunes; on other tunes, Rachael supports a different band member singing, but she is the figurehead of the group. Their upcoming CD will feature all band members singing. “I am very blessed to have the group I have. I could not ask for a better set of people to work with...When we play together all the stresses of the world just fade away,” says Rachael.

Rachael was born with a natural gift for singing. She once remarked that she has a four-octave range, which is easy to believe when you hear her. She studied opera for a short time, but it’s so expensive and she was ready to rock and roll! She notes that the band performs songs from many different eras, providing familiar sounds for people of all ages. The music of LeSSons Learned is eminently danceable, but also fun just for listening. Rachael is involved and expressive.

In addition, the band also performs Christian rock. The description from their web page says, “We are a modern rock band that likes to get the attention of all people. We play soft to heavy rock. We are the music that can influence your day. We are LeSSons Learned.”

At first, one might be tempted to think that the lovely lady Rachael will sing nice, pretty songs, which she does do. Ahead of the downbeat of the first number, she screams “Are you having fun?” She works the crowd and wins the attention, respect and enjoyment of anyone who doubts. Those who know her merely wait, anticipating some great rock ‘n’ roll; no one is disappointed in that!

The band opened with Born To Be Wild and included the songs Too Much Time on My Hands and Heartbreaker. Another is Summer of ’69 (Best Days of my Life). Their tunelist includes songs from the ‘60s to the ’90s. They tend to play three-in-a-row with no break, no easy feat for any group.

The LeSSons Learned website, at www.LeSSonslearnedband.com, is simple and straightforward. Some photos, a mission statement and an audio clip of the band are included, but no frills. This austerity of presentation on the web pages reflects the nature of the band itself: All business, solid good sound, competent and interesting musicians and inescapable delivery.

Pete’s Lair is a friendly place for a stopover or a destination. The modest food menu is accordingly priced. A full-service bar awaits, with many beers and microbrews. The exposed wooden beams and many-themed decorations provide an atmosphere of coziness. When LeSSons Learned plays there, the band members become one with the customers, dancers and other fans. It’s like having a really great party in your own playroom at home. Stop in sometime soon and discover the comfort.
- Positively Entertainment


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LeSSoNs LearneD is a band that you can feel the emotion of past, present and future. The bands mixture of blues, jazz, rock , heavy metal and classical influences have been the biggest asset to creating a sound that is unique and enjoyed by all generations.

Rachael the lead singer gets the crowd going! She was with the previous band for 6 years along with Dave the guitar player. She has sang at churches and other types of events. Her influences include Classic Rock, Blues, Gospel and Classical Music. Rachael also does harmony for the band when needed. Rachael recently also took on playing keyboards to bring a little more spice into what you might hear.

David Vetter is the lead guitar player. David went to GIT back in the 80's and since then has been involved in a number of music projects. He can play solo's when needed on the fly. Dave also was in his last band for the past 6 years and decided with Rachael to create the new band Lessons Learned. They play Classic Rock Covers along with new original music. They also play Contemporary Christian music. David and Rachael together show music from the heart.

Bryan 'Groovemeister' Martindale has been playing bass for over 25 years. He uses Fender Jazz Basses along with a variety of amp and speaker combinations. Bryan played with SEVEN from 1995 thru 1998 performing on several tracks from SEVEN's most recent CD. Family and work became the forefront of Bryans priorities and he took time away from playing full time. The door opened for his return in early 2004. Bryan also was in a Bad Company Tribute Band before joining LeSSoNs Learned. Drawing on the influence of bassist like Geddy Lee or the solid styles of Donald 'Duck' Dunn, Bryan enjoys playing the music, be it original or cover, and the bass sounds that anyone can groove to. Hence the nickname.

Greg Shewbert is a drummer that plays and sings from the heart. He has played drums for a number of years and comes to our band with a passion for music. His talent to create harmonies is without a doubt a great asset. Greg also sings lead on some of our music and the talent does not stop there. He is also very funny. He can make people laugh and appreciate what others take for granted. Greg performs most Sundays with Brian at their church. They have also performed at parks and other types of events in the past.