Lessons On Falling

Lessons On Falling


We are an acoustic band, piano and acoustic lead. We try and go for big heavy sound with small instruments.


We lead worship at our youth group and decided to start our own acoustic band. God is our biggest influence, along with the style of The Fray, Jon Foreman. We take our music seriously, we enjoy playing together. we have different experiences playing shows, I (Trevor Grigson) am the lead singer for "Divided We Fall." our shows will consist of interaction with the audience, that's a big key, we will switch instruments. at the moment we are recording all our music using GarageBand on my Mac, everything is recorded through that program, we make the best out of what we've got.


There Is Hope

Written By: Gianna Izzo

You're trying to be strong
But the pain is too much
I wanna take it all away
But it's too much for you or me
We couldn't do it on our own
But i believe, there is hope

You wear your past like a ball and chain
But you won't let it drag you down
You're trying to let this go
You can't do it on you're own
But i believe there is hope

There is hope, i believe
that it is rising from the ashes
Of what's been said and what's been done
You are free to move on

Scarlet Letter

Written By: Trevor Grigson

A blank page written on a thousand times
With empty words and broken hearts left along the road
With this pen, i write another entry in this
Scarlet letter, I'm writing out to you

As the last leaf hits the ground
I'm broken inside, just like the melody that lies upon the floor
I need your healing touch to come
Make me new, make me new, make me new again

Lies said through the mouth
Taken straight to heart
my heart has turned to wax and is melting within me
How can i go on
Living on my own
God won't you take my hand
I need you here tonight


Scarlet Letter-Written by Trevor, piano by Trevor, guitar by Gianna, lead vox by Trevor
There Is Hope-Written by Gianna, piano by Trevor, guitar by Gianna, lead vox by Gianna

Set List

6 song set list.
We'll do originals and a few cover songs from Between the Trees, The Fray, Brooke Fraser