PHENOMEROCK! Less Pain Forever harmonize like hyperventilating choir boys whilst their mano-a-mano, telepathic duel of one-man bands combines to form a sonic tapestry of quirk, dischord, musical complexity, lyrical depth, and strangest of all: pop hooks worthy of arena-rock anthems.


New album out now! "I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO WANT TO DANCE" (JAN. 2007 ACCRETIONS) The much anticipated 10 song LP recorded at Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon Studio in Manhattan by Aaron Mullan (Sonic Youth, Tall Firs) and mixed by Chris Fudurich (Nada Surf, Jimmy Eat World)!

New album out now! "NOW WE HAVE SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE" (2006 WESTERN TREAD)The hot new split LP featuring 5 songs each from LESS PAIN FOREVER and PEACHCAKE!

Less Pain Forever is a musical tribute to Lush Budget Presents the Les Payne Product featuring original members James Karnes and Christopher Pomerenke. While James manipulates a double guitar/bass device whilst vocalizing like an angel, Christopher spearheads a drums/keyboards contraption whilst singing from the heart. The duo harmonizes like hyperventilating choir boys in a mano-a-mano duel to the death between two one-man bands.

The music lives in the same dense and sparse state of life and death duality as the desert furnace from whence it was forged. Throw in musical telepathy between the two and you have a mix that is quirky, discordant, structurally complex and, strangest of all, full of pop hooks worthy of arena rock anthems.

Less Pain Forever began its incarnation as music's first and only rock tribute band to itself in the summer of 2001 by embarking on an "endless tour.” The duo ditched their worldly possessions and deserted their beloved desert compound to traverse the country in a 35 foot black motor home. Their dazzling live stage shows have wowed audiences and quickly amassed a cult-like following across the United States and Europe.

From the Troubador in Los Angeles to the Mercury Lounge in New York City (and nearly every Wal-Mart in between) Less Pain Forever have shared the stage with Jimmy Eat World, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mates of State, Xiu Xiu, Deerhoof, Frank Black, Ween and countless others. The band has been labeled everything from musical arsonists to rock ‘n roll saviors to the founding fathers of Phenomeock.

Over the last year LESS PAIN FOREVER have fallen back into the loving fold of the desert bosom they have called home and decided to ally themselves with fellow Arizonan duo Peachcake. A split LP featuring 5 songs from each band titled "Now We Have Something To Celebrate" was released on September 12, 2006 by musical impresarios Charlie Levy (Stateside Presents) and Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) on their Western Tread label.

Most recently, the band has joined forces with film and music documentarian Ryan Page, (Moog, Frontier Life) who corralled their demon-addled forces into Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon Studio, where Sonic Youth engineer Aaron Mullan delicately dedicated to tape and digitized the full front of their legendary live performances into a 10 song album, "I Know What It’s Like To Want To Dance", released January 27, 2007 on Accretions. Rave reviews can be found clicking the press button above and streaming audio selections can be found by clicking audio. Also be sure to view the bands live performance in a Wal-Mart parking lot by clicking on video!


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10 song full length released on Accretion records(Jan. '07)

10 song Less Pain Forever/Peachake split released by Western Tread(Sep. '06)

"LUSH BUDGET PRESENTS THE LES PAYNE PRODUCT" 6-song e.p. released on Aviator Records.

Set List

Less Pain Forever can perform three different sets with equal precision and grace. The first set, a tidy 30 minute rock show. Or we can do the steady eddie, a one hour set, complete with exploding expensive/illegal monkey brains! Or the whopping; two hour set! Complete with exploding solar systems. Thats a clear upgrade.