Less Than Average

Less Than Average


LTA has an energetic, post/pop-punk/alternative style with a great stage presence. High energy songs that connect with every body.


Less Than Average is a four piece band from Newark, DE. While the band has only been around for a little while, the members have been playing music together for years. Formed out of a previous band, (Capital 7) LTA has come back with a better sound, more attitude, and a fresh style. Less Than Average has a song for everyone. Whether you want to let loose at a show, or just need a song for one of those nights, LTA has it.


A number of small demo's, with a new EP to be released very soon.

Set List

-I'll Turn You Into A Bridge and Walk All Over You
-Fade To Black
-Out of Interstate
-Disease of Humanity
-Lonely Drive

-20 Below- Hidden In Plain View
-American Classic- Hidden In Plain View
-Seventy Times Seven- Brand New