Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero


"LESS THAN ZERO"... The dark melodic harmony with full musical overtones give the listener a glimpse into the minds of these sonic founders. The band is comprised of its 6 members who make up the foundation and the soul of the music…


Less Than Zero is the brain child of its 2 founding members: Rich Pineda & Jason Woods. What started off as a "serious project” soon became a full time effort. With the need for a full time bass player, the long time friendship of Dave Fleming was a natural choice. His song writing and guitar playing was soon left for the chance to be the "bottom end" that was needed to finish the circle. For over a year, Less Than Zero was highlighted throughout the community, and has been recognized as the next big act to come from the desert. In that year, LTZ completed a 6 song self titled EP and the song "Crimson" was and still is being given regular air play on local radio. In November (05') LTZ made another mark by completing a music video for the song "Cemetery". The video along with a full length CD entitled "the hollow" were released on March 21st (06'). With the winds of change on the horizon, the band along with its management made a bold step with the addition of its 4th member Paul Francis. Paul is being labeled as the "golden child" for his ability to pick up new material at an amazing pace. A second guitarist was needed to create the sound that is so distinctive on the CD. Justin Yoder was hand picked from a plethora of talent to fill a pair or big empty shoes. To place the last piece of the puzzle down, Big Daddy B, a local radio personality and spin master was petitioned to be the final link LTZ was looking for. With the final piece in place, LTZ is ready for the new year (06') that is sure to bring all of the elements together that have been a catalyst from the beginning... For info on Less Than Zero: www.ltzmusic.com - email: management@ltzmusic.com - band@ltzmusic.com


Less Than Zero - self titled 6 song EP
Less Than Zero - The Hollow + bonus DVD
Less Than Zero - The hollow
Less Than Zero - The Cemetery DVD
The song "Crimson" is played in regular rotation on KCLB 93.7 in Palm Springs.
Streaming audio is available at: www.myspace.com/lessthanzer0music
Downloads available at: www.ltzmusic.com
Check out the audio section here for song samples!

Set List

We hav a 30 minute standard set - no covers -
1- Seven
2- Cemetery
3- Re-Birth
4- I Am
5- Crimson
6- Killing
7- Awake
8- The Sleep