Lester Swing

Lester Swing


Lester Swing is a high-energy rock band from New York with both retro and modern influences. Their new CD, "themusicalbum", was released in October of 2004.


Formed in late 2003, Lester Swing draws from too many sources and influences to list, allowing their musical experiences to guide their own music in every direction available. The end result, however, is always raw-powered rock and roll with an identity of it's own and a sound that is fresh and exciting


"themusicalbum" - 2004
Tracks from "themusicalbum" are available for in streaming audio as well as download at www.lesterswing.com

Set List

Lester Swing is known to play anywhere from 35 minutes, to 70 minutes, to all night! It all depends on you, as the band has the material!