Caloundra, Queensland, AUS

They are the Iron Youth!

No auto-tuned, pitch-shifted pop nonsense, Lestrange are a band with real melodies, real talent and real bollocks. With stage antics that have been describe as something that would "make Van Halen proud!" these boys are a must listen for all rock/grunge/punk fans.


This quartet was formed in October of 2009 by Rob Steel (Vocals, Bass) and Alex Higgs (Lead Guitar) out of a love for classic hard rock and metal music and from there, it has grown immensely.

The two friends soon recruited Denham Lee (Drums) and McGregor "Mac" Murchie (Rhythm Guitar) and have since then proceeded to sell out shows and CD's to fans across the East Coast of the bands area for over a year.

The groups next venture is recording a slew of new songs ready for release in late January of 2011, and the boys are currently promoting and financing the venture with a metal clenched fist-full of shows earlier that month.

The group's stage antics were once described as being enough to "make Van Halen proud!", while the bands live sound has seriously weighty hard rock "chops".

Please support us as we battle our way through mediocrity with heavy metal sensibility.

Keep listening (preferably to Lestrange)
Love & Bruises,


"Strange Happenings"- Demo (2009)
Independent Release/Distribution

600 Copies- Sold Out

"Iron Youth"/"The Hearts Addiction"- Single
Streaming on MySpace.com