Le TechnoPUSS13S
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Le TechnoPUSS13S

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Band EDM Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"MPMF description"

Le TechnoPUSS13S

(Cincinnati) Dance/No Wave

Imagine if Grace Slick and Falco holed up in Thomas Dolby's basement with instruments stolen from Trent Reznor's garbage and started recording Hi-NRG jams full of innuendo-laden biology lessons, then on their way to their gig at CBGBs they stop by a seventh grade Home Ec class to assemble their wardrobe. Wouldn't that be cool?

-Ezra Waller - Cincinnati Citybeat

"XLTV review"

Attacking the stage like the Sound and the Fury and evoking images of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Letechnopuss13s bounds out on to the stage with 10,000 megawatts of pure rock adrenaline. It's one man and one woman's full frontal assault on the Cincinnati music scene. Vinnie is the fully decked out, glitter encrusted post-techno/punk glam goddess whose energy and enthusiasm infuse her lyrics with the audible command, "YOU WILL DANCE!" Jamie is the guitar/bass wielding half of the outfit. His skill at crafting beats, arrangements and pulse-pounding bass lines would make Thomas Dolby stand up and take note...

...It's all finely crafted beats and melodies brought to life by two of the area's finest entertainers. ...

...If you're lucky enough to catch a show, make sure to wear loose fitting clothing and shoes you can dance in. Wallflowers are not encouraged to attend and spontaneous break-dancing has been known to occur. All in all, a great way to spend an evening.
5 stars - XLTV


Le TechnoPuss13s are reality terrorists that bomb the federal building of your expectations with a wink and a groove....
There are quite a few influences the band brings into their sound, but the shadings are difficult to identify because they're run through the 'puss13s' "Goodtime-A-Tron." The "Goodtime-A-Tron" (namechecked in the title of their debut CD, Ride the Goodtime-A-Tron) isn't a necessarily a physical thing, but more of an attitude the duo brings to their music. You can hear bits of Beck, David Bowie (circa Heroes), a smattering of avant-garde German punk Nina Hagen and various Techno and Electronica elements. All of those are run through the wringer of the Goodtime-A-Tron, a series of refrigerator boxes covered in tinfoil and flashing lights and disturbed drawings of kittens that emit weird beeps, robot voices, power chords and a big groove. The music that arrives at the other end is a delightfully twisted burlesque version of what went in.

Le Technopuss13s' fearless and highly entertaining live show -- which can include everything from nudity to low tech (but very creative and beautiful) costumes to everything in between -- is just what the doctor ordered for those growing weary of people performing music in T-shirts and jeans.

---Dale Johnson - Citybeat

"Cincinnati Citybeat's review of Ride the Goodtime-a-Tron"

Goodtime-A-Tron is a colorful, imaginative Neo-Electro tour-de-force, featuring perverted electronics, primitive dance beats and a warped but jubilant sense of humor, which reveals itself not only in the lyrics, but also in the roller coaster song arrangements. Guitarist/programmer Jamie Thorman creates a fittingly eccentric gush of sound and noise, sounding at times like interplanetary carnival music, with Williams acting as the wild-eyed barker. Her cocksure speak/sing vocal presence is akin to performance art, resembling Lydia Lunch bum-rushing NYC's Danceteria in the early '80s. It also sounds strangely German. You can imagine "I Push A Button" becoming the underground dance sensation of discos all over Berlin. The most important element of Le TechnoPuss13s is their overall sense of exuberant fun; Ride the Goodtime-A-Tron is a solid nose-thumbing at overly serious "artists" everywhere.

---Mike Breen - Cincinnati Citybeat

"MPMF 2006 Description"

"Part performance art, part Martian Disco house band, Le TechnoPUSS13S are hands-down one of the most interesting and original bands to ever call Cincinnati home."
- Citybeat


Touchee Feelee Feline-CD 2003
Ride the Good Time-A-Tron-CD 2004
iLove (comp) 2005 - Tokyo Rose Records
What Cincinnati Makes You Sound Like (comp) 2008 - Art Damage / Tokyo Rose Records



LeTechnoPUSS13S was a fictitious band that grew up to be a real boy.
Their influences range from disco to punk, drawing heavily from no-wave and performance art along the way.
Begun in 2002 on a lark, (and a fun way to waste some precious time) Le TechnoPUSS13S have actually found their "happy place" in the diverse scene of Cincinnati, Ohio. They are equally at home playing with rock bands (Staggering Statistics, Gil Mantera's Party Dream), electro acts (Femme Fatality, Toy Band), and pop bands (Tilly and the Wall, Fairmount Girls.)
Le Techno's first show in June, 2003 was at the now defunct lesbian bar, Shirley's, for an "experimental music night." Since then, they have performed with nationally acclaimed acts (Blowfly, Heartless Bastards, Boom Bip) and at large-scale events such as 2005's Midpoint Music Festival and the iLove festival. (with sexy results) They were nominated for "Best new artist of the year" in 2004 and "Best experimental/electronic act" in 2005 and 2006 by local weekly Citybeat's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.