Lethal Affection

Lethal Affection

 New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

Talent, tenacity, the music separates Lethal Affection from all peers. The aggression of speed metal, the thoughtfulness of prog and the top line focus of power metal give LA their unique sound. Modern hard rock has gotten stale & formulaic but this northern New Jersey quintet sets a new paradigm.


By the scorching trade off guitar solo and stunning vocal break in Lethal Affection’s debut single, “298,” it is necessary to acknowledge that you have witnessed the death of stale, formulaic hard rock. The unrelenting and technically gifted five-piece out of New Brunswick, New Jersey is pleased to meet you as well.

Formed in March 2012, Lethal Affection is comprised of lead vocalist Noah Simon, guitarists Nick Kashmanian and Joey Percario, bassist Justin Bosch, and drummer/keyboardist Robbie Blank. Further enhancing LA’s sonic arsenal, all four instrumentalists lend backing vocals to compliment Simon’s soaring tenor.

After the dissolution of northern NJ metal outfit, JADE, founding members Kashmanian, Percario and Blank enlisted Simon and Bosch to form Lethal Affection. True to rocker form, Nick and Joey met Noah while retaking a course at Rutgers University after having flunked their first time through.

Ironically enough the course flunked was a music theory course but you would not have guessed given the signature intricate guitar harmonies performed by the duo. Heavy metal has a new set of “Terror Twins” on their hands as these two highly adept players share the lead guitar duties of LA. The rhythm section features the heavily Steve Harris influenced Bosch as evidenced on second single “Taste of Anarchy.” Drummer Blank navigates the band through their complex arrangements with his penchant for progressive composition. Noah Simon enamors as he delivers towering vocal riffs. The vocalist honed his skills as a member of Philadelphia’s Ripping X-Ray before originating Lethal Affection.

The group is presently tracking for their debut EP to be release later this year. Tour dates and more information can be found on the band’s website here: LethalAffection.com

For more information on Lethal Affection please contact Rob Dekker (rob@squarex3.com) at SquareSquareSquare. Please send booking inquiries to: LethalAffectionMusic@gmail.com



Written By: Blank

Crying from the walls,
Of forced activity,
Wails the silent moans,
Of objectivity

Rioting builds
Builds fires I can see from here
Pretend the truth
Will never touch another ear

Feed the dogs
That herd the heap of solemn tears
Its all the same

Breaking it down
Breaking it down
Breaking down
The minds of creativity

Calling it blind
Calling it blind
Calling blind
The Thoughts of non-conformity

They believe
In simple minded hopes that never fly
They don’t fly

Trying to dissuade
The youth and sell their silly lie
But I won’t buy

Taste of Anarchy

Written By: Blank

You‘d like to think that at it’s all in your control
and yet your feelings betray you
You’d like to think you can quit me anytime
and still your heart says it’s not true

I am the poison absorbed into your lungs
released as blighted catharsis
I am the spirit that’s swimming in your blood
diffusing your malignant bliss

If your body’s a temple, I’m it’s priest
as I rewrite your teachings
your self indulgence is now your heresy
as you succumb to my preaching

I am the capsule that’s slithering down your throat
providing sickened elation
I am the dust that is lingering in your scent
and leaves a haunting frustration

Just like a virus my symptoms always change
which medication do you choose?
the instant fix or the long term painful cure
with either option you still lose

I am the parasite latched onto your brain
shaping a mutual dependence
I live in you and yet still you dwell on me
a symbiotic existence

It’s like refusing the morning sun
it’s dawning can’t be undone
growing always stronger
It’s like denying the final breath
before your eternal rest
growing ever longer

I want to see you fall
I want to taste your pain
I want to feel your grief
to hear you say my name
and though you’d rather leave
get up and walk away
you can’t refuse my call
a taste of anarchy

If I’m a fugitive on the run
then you still hold the smoking gun
I didn’t pull the trigger


298 (Single) - June 2012
Taste of Anarchy (Single) - June 2012
Lethal Affection EP - Due out August 2012

Set List

Lethal Affection
Out of Eden
Taste of Anarchy