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Lethal Affection

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States | SELF

New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Meet Jove"

Sir Jove has just released a new EP, “The Overture.” Rather than try to dissect the EP itself, we here at The Miscreant decided to ask Jove himself a few questions.

“The Overture” is twelve minutes of music that is very difficult to pigeonhole, because it’s all over the place. Clearly, you strive to make something unique, but without labeling your music, what do you see it as?

My music is who I am. That’s the most honest label I can put on it. And I see it like I see myself, a universe full of some pretty eccentric paradoxes that I’m not afraid to play with. I really didn’t set out to find my sound, I just was a sonic nomad and let every musical village I encountered effect me and painted stories of these people within my chords, within what I hear in my sound, everything. On top of that I’m kind of sonically psychologically challenged. I’m pretty sure there’s a mental disability for the way I hear sounds that just hasn’t been discovered yet. If they do, I hope they don’t medicate the kids. It’s actually livable, however I am so deeply effected by sounds. In our houses we have technological devices that hum and radiate and it really disturbs me but I’ve learned to live with it. So in my music there’s that twisted element that is just a reflection of how I experience the world.

When you sit down to write a song, are you contributing to a conversation? Is your music reactionary?

I live in my own world really, so I just think about the story. I live in the worlds of all the stories of the songs and listen to the characters, paint the colors in pads, walls. It’s not too thought out, just where I feel like playing. “The Other” is the grand story that is my life right now. That is my world. All I do is travel and hang with neon tribes all over this country. It’s been amazing.

So you prefer to make music that exists in an insular world? How do you hope it connects to people?

I wouldn’t say it’s insular. Its way more universal than people perceive initially. It grows on you. I’ve seen it happened to neons who were skinheads in Colorado. I’ve seen girls who only listen to Mariah Carey get into my music. These organic experience are something I refuse to let myself negate when people tell me its out there. I think really, its in here (my he(art))and its creepy for people during these times.
Where does it go next? Is there a sequel? Are you done with this story?
The EP is a prolouge, to the album “The Other”. Its a 22-song Opus that I’ve worked on for years I’d say. “The Overture” is a trailer for it. The story has just begun! You are aware of the neon escape now, you’ll get to journey with the neon to talk about their experience in Nowhere, North America after it.

What do you hope to communicate through your music? Is it about telling a story, or is it about allowing the listener to make up their own story?

I’m just some dude making art. Its like all art it speaks to you how it speaks to you. I don’t know how that is gonna be. It’s this though that i know it’s universal. It’s this why a skin head and a Mariah Carey fan can fuck with what I’m making on the same level of understanding.

Who do you hope hears your music?

More Neons and Richard Russell.

Tell me about the PDF that comes with the EP, why you wanted to do it, etc.

Music used to be an event. This 90’s generation was the last generation to really experience that. I never left that place. So you’re really just entering the world I go in when I write records. So the PDF is what I experienced myself making the record. Those type of things just organically come out of the creating process. As I was working on the songs, that PDF was being conceptualized and crafted on legal pads and sketch books. Its a whole experience not just songs.

Does the science-fiction element of your lyricism have specific political or social message? It seems like it could simply be about identity, but there’s also room for a bit of ominous futurist reading.

You know what’s funny, I didn’t even realize it could be interpretated as being political or social until months after “The Overture” was recorded and about to be released. Seriously, I’m not a politically apathetic person either, I just live in my own world where I’m creating all the time. I was simply just telling a story around my evolution as a human being. The anarchist symbol on the cover represent my over throwing every limit that governed my truest expression, my wildest ideas & dreams. I don’t fuck with anarchy but I’m not afraid to wear incite anarchy on my mind, on my fears on my ideas and outlook on the world. It was the best way in context of the story to represent that for me. I’m pretty outside social or political realities even attempt to make messages about them. I’d sound ignorant.

Tell me about your live show. What do you strive to give the audience? How is this a key part of what you do as an artist?

My live shows are the reason why I wake up in the morning and go t - The Miscreant


298 (Single) - June 2012
Taste of Anarchy (Single) - June 2012
Lethal Affection EP - Due out August 2012



By the scorching trade off guitar solo and stunning vocal break in Lethal Affection’s debut single, “298,” it is necessary to acknowledge that you have witnessed the death of stale, formulaic hard rock. The unrelenting and technically gifted five-piece out of New Brunswick, New Jersey is pleased to meet you as well.

Formed in March 2012, Lethal Affection is comprised of lead vocalist Noah Simon, guitarists Nick Kashmanian and Joey Percario, bassist Justin Bosch, and drummer/keyboardist Robbie Blank. Further enhancing LA’s sonic arsenal, all four instrumentalists lend backing vocals to compliment Simon’s soaring tenor.

After the dissolution of northern NJ metal outfit, JADE, founding members Kashmanian, Percario and Blank enlisted Simon and Bosch to form Lethal Affection. True to rocker form, Nick and Joey met Noah while retaking a course at Rutgers University after having flunked their first time through.

Ironically enough the course flunked was a music theory course but you would not have guessed given the signature intricate guitar harmonies performed by the duo. Heavy metal has a new set of “Terror Twins” on their hands as these two highly adept players share the lead guitar duties of LA. The rhythm section features the heavily Steve Harris influenced Bosch as evidenced on second single “Taste of Anarchy.” Drummer Blank navigates the band through their complex arrangements with his penchant for progressive composition. Noah Simon enamors as he delivers towering vocal riffs. The vocalist honed his skills as a member of Philadelphia’s Ripping X-Ray before originating Lethal Affection.

The group is presently tracking for their debut EP to be release later this year. Tour dates and more information can be found on the band’s website here: LethalAffection.com

For more information on Lethal Affection please contact Rob Dekker (rob@squarex3.com) at SquareSquareSquare. Please send booking inquiries to: LethalAffectionMusic@gmail.com

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