LETHAL FORCE has a progressive metal sound that incorperates elements of hard rock, blues, classical and eastern euroupien folk music.


LETHAL FORCE was formed in Dec. 2004 the band has experienced numerious lineup changes over the past few years but the current line up has been together since 2006. LETHAL FORCE has been and continues to play shows all over the state of Colorado and has plans to take thier act on the road in Spring of 2008. The band has opened for several national touring acts over the years but has yet to find that big break, or show that would help expose thier music to the masses, and that is what the band feels is the only thing stoping them from taking over the world. LETHAL FORCE just released thier debut cd "FOR TOMORROW WE DIE" in Dec. of 2007 and is currently writting music for thier 2nd album.



Written By: E. Brown, S. Borcher

1st Verse - What ever happened to purpose?
What ever happened to cause?
What ever happened to integrity?
defying all your fuckin laws
Walk all day in the devils madness
you contradict yourself
A constant struggle for identity
romove my anger from it's shelf...

Chorus - Carefull what you wish for
carefull what you want...
Your not fooling anyone
nothing but a loaded gun
With no target...

1st Verse


2nd Verse - Why dont you hold your skull so close to me?
Graveyard visions all I see..
We've been danceing in the devils moon...
Wont you wait for me I'm commin soon...
With no target...

2nd Verse



Written By: M. Borcan, E. Brown

1st Verse - All these things unwind
therefore nothings kind
We walk through the valley of death
we've come through
The darkness surrounds the blood flows
The dance has begun
My calling
The devil must (come)

Repete 1st Verse - The devil must come in this way I've been warned you've been warned...

2nd Verse - We've come through death and disorder
We've come to lie
We walk through death and disorder
We've come to die...

3rd Verse - where end ways
All that I've run from
We wont dance untill we...

1st Verse



Written By: E. Brown, C. Northcott

1st Verse - Isolate...
I fucking hate you and...
I turn my eyes up toward the sky...
I'm bleeding but no one wants to die
I wrote my name in blood
Upon the graves of those who died
I wait for somethings right
I kill you every night

Chorus - Start with a shotgun or maybe a sharpened knife
I've died a thousand times
Mother green and her killing machine
Death is her cadence
& reap her diesese


1st Verse


2nd Verse - One if by land
two if by sea
there's not enough killing to satisfy me
This is my riffel
this is my gun
stuck to my side like a brother who's gone

3rd Verse - All that today
I've been warned
Feeling dead
I've been warned
Feel today
I've lost my soul
Feeling dead

1st Verse


2nd Verse



Written By: E. Brown

1st Verse - I drag my soul
I'm growing old
I'll wait for something to tell me I'm wrong

Chorus - Each time I close my eyes I see you smileing back at me
When I wait for something to come around
It's not your sympathy

1st Verse


1st Verse


2nd Verse - All that today
I've been warned
Feeling dead
I've been warned
Feel today
I lost my soul...

?? (screams)

1st Verse



Written By: E. Brown, C. Northcott, M. Borcan


1st Verse - In the depths of the darkness
Devour the silence
I have never liked that feeling
Searching my insides
Afraid of myself
Undetermined my life within
Lasting the terror
It's not grtting better
An agony without an ending
Fighting the wicked
Saving the sacred
No one seems to like my standing

Chorus - It's the fear that makes me
Time slipppin' away
It's the fear that makes me
Times passed me by
It's the fear that makes me
My life is history
It's the fear that makes me
You'll fear what lies benieth

2nd Verse - Spit out some nonsence
This terrible madness
My mimds fate has been decided
Horror og abyss
Frightened me always
Fallen souls you must stop hideing
Lasting of myself I probly need help
Demons that I know are waiting for me
Impulse destruction
Determines reaction
Towards the age of fallen glory...


Bridge - Pick up the pieces
Pick up the pieces
Killlin for me
Killin for you
I am the undead
Severing your head
Killin for your pleasure baby...

Repete Bridge

Bridge 2 - I want to......kill you!


3rd Verse - Why dont you wake me
With open eyes
Was I dreaming?
See me...In disguiese
I'm not bleeding
I've been killing every day
Knives are fun for...
You and me we like to play
Mother fuckin Sick, Sick, Sex
is on my brain
Covered in your blood
These thoughts are so deranged...






2006 - 4 song demo "REQVIEM"
2007 - full length album "FOR TOMORROW WE DIE"

Set List

If we get a full hour to play the set list is:

1. Reqviem
2. No target
3. Mother green
4. Tomorrow we die
6.World in flames
7. drag my soul
8. Serum
9. take 'em dowm
10. The fear
11. Incision
12. Strychnine

We normaly get a 1/2 hour set unless we are head lineing then we will play an hour long set. One set per night is typical.
We are all original and have no covers in the set.