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The best kept secret in music


""Lethal Rejection's new CD, 2,1,2,2.""

"LETHAL REJECTION - “2,1,2,2” (Day 51 Records) Old school dirty punk with some melodies and lots of start/stop riffs. Simple, catchy songs with choruses featuring group shout anthems will delight if you haven't heard it all before. (7) "
Andrew Frey of Maximum Ink Music Magazine - Maximum Ink Music Magazine

"Lethal Rejection, "2,1,2,2""

DAY 51
The sludgy production quality of 2,1,2,2 only adds to this band's appeal. Truly, this rather messy sound enhances the abrasiveness of Lethal Rejection's raw, fast, and heavy hardcore punk reminiscent of bands like DFL, Strychnine, and Boston greats SSD. Among the 11 quick, short blasts presented in a mere 16 minutes are the hyper "Social Refugee", which features a cool mid-song freak-out of sorts with a tough breakdown overlapped and muddled by a really loud, kinda psychedelic guitar lead; and the COMPLETELY absurd penultimate track, "That Red Headed Woman", which sees the narrator divulging his obsession with/fear of "that red-headed woman from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD." What makes it so great (aside from the subject matter, which rules) is that it's one of the hardest songs on the album—but the whole theme is so ridiculous. A grown man afraid of this character and put to such aggressive music? Magnifique! Anyway, also included is a nice rendition of one of The Stooges' greatest, "Search and Destroy" (which, at two-and-a-half minutes, is practically epic for these guys).
-Janelle Jones of Skratch Magazine - Skratch Magazine

"Lethal rejection, "2,1,2,2""

Lethal Rejection falls somewhere between some early 80's crossover bands like M.O.D., EXODUS and throw in a newer band like REO SPEEDEALER. I actually liked all of these bands at one point in my life, but all of their success has come and gone as all good bands do. I really liked this album cuz it reminded me of all this past music that I grew up on, and I wish I still had those albums. But--Oh well, now I have this in the collection. I would have liked this CD to be a little more on the hardcore side of things, but I would have also have liked it to be more on the old-school punk side as well. Track nine, “All in All� is my favorite pick from this CD, and I would have liked more of the songs from this CD to be like it as well. But damn I'm greedy, and sometimes too close minded. To sum up- this is a really good CD with a good production from a really good band, but just falls short of being spectacular. Eleven songs in just under 17 minutes gets the blood flowing again, but it did have to come to a end and I would have liked a little more. Check these guys out!
-Dave Fishwick of Neus Subjex Magazine - Neus Subjex Magazine

"Lethal Rejection, "2,1,2,2""

Hardcore punk fans, listen up. Seattle’s Lethal Rejection is coming to kick your ass. With the longest of the 11 tracks clocking in at just over 2.5 minutes, 2,1,2,1 is a speedy trip down punk lane. The band, which ranges in age from 18 up to 32, wrote all the music themselves, and released their third official album on their own Day 51 label. And the result is pretty impressive. There isn’t a slow song on the disc—each track is a fast-paced, guitar shredding, drum hammering “screw you” from beginning to end. “Search and Destroy” has some screaming guitar riffs that mingle nicely with the gravely vocals. My favorite track, “All in All,” has a Ramones feel to it, which would explain why I favored it. Overall, a good, if not short effort, and I’d recommend this one for fans of Black Flag and Minor Threat. The album is out now and is available at WWW.DAY51RECORDS.COM.
Review by Larissa Rose at Away-team.com - Awayteam.com

"Lethal Rejection, "2,1,2,2""

"An adrenalin rush in music form is the best way to describe Lethal Rejection's '2,1,2,2.' With an incredibly powerful punch of an intro sure to attract listener's of hardcore and street punk. 'My Blood' plays a perfect intro to a staggering, vicious, and intense record. The nasty guitar riffs mixed with a heavy voice are guranteed to blow your ass out of the water. Surely surpassing the mediocrity of America's pop-rock scene, Lethal Rejection will leave you craving more and more. With songs like 'Search and Destroy' and 'Stranger', Lethal Rejection proves that it can hold it's own with almost any punk band. '2,1,2,2' is an essential record for lovers of street punk and undergroung music."

Andy from Safety, Tampa, Florida - Safety

"Lethal Rejection, "2,1,2,2""

Band: Lethal Rejection
Album: "2,1,2,2"
Label: Day 51 Records
Grade: B+
Available at: Day 51 Records

Lethal Rejection’s third release revisits the 80s hardcore punk territory with influences that are blatant and obvious. Black Flag & Minor Threat are the two main bands that come to mind as you listen to this album, which is a interesting anachronism in the sound of punk today. The songs on 2,1,2,2 are brief bursts of raucous Saturday Night energy with the longest song in this album being a rowdy cover of Iggy and the Stooge’s Search and Destroy.

Brevity is an asset on this album which does nothing for originality but is big on fun. With the album running around 20 minutes, you just don’t have the chance to get annoyed with songs that start and end in a little more than a minute. It’s over all too soon before you know it. Although the songs and gruffy vocals are really predictable, this album surprisingly has replay value

What is interesting is that there are bands still doing the early to mid 80s hardcore sound. It’s easy to buy Black Flag albums at the nearest record store but can you see them play live again? Lethal Rejection in some ways fills the void for punk enthusiast who believe that the 80s salad days were punk’s golden era.

They don’t take themselves seriously nor do they have a heavy socio-political agenda to promote. It’s all about sharing six-packs, going to clubs with your friends and having a blast. Get nostalgic and enjoy!
Reviewed by: Punk International - Punk International

"Lethal Rejection, "2,1,2,2""

Lethal Rejection • 2,1,2,2 • Day 51 Records • This is the third release in three years from Lethal Rejection. Just like other old school sounding punk albums, the songs are fast paced and pissed off. The band's sound is often compared to Black Flag because of its early 80's hardcore punk sound. Some songs kept me more interested than others, but I guess that is the case with a lot of CD's. The only thing that confused me about this album is that it is very short, at just under seventeen minutes long. (KB) review by impactpress.com

- Impact Press


"Public Execution, live 2/25/2005" (2005)
"2,1,2,2"- 11 song EP (2004)
"13th Ave. S"- 24 song LP (2003)
"It's Not That Bad"- 8 song EP (2002)
"Third World Demo"- 5 song giveaway
"Aftermath"- 8 song givaway
there are 11 other giveaways out there with various B-sides and other lost recordings


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lethal Rejection began in 2000 after singer Andre Hunter caught a train out of Chicago headed for sunny Seattle. He placed an ad looking for musicians interested in Black Flag, Rollins Band, and Agnostic Front, and he got exactly what he was looking for. Six weeks later they were playing out, and haven't stopped.
They've recorded three self produced CD's, and fifteen 5-13 song show only giveaways with B-sided, unreleased, and alternate versions of their music.
Now five years later, Lethal Rejection is stronger than ever. They've toured the Northwest/ West Coast extensively, and have attracted attention everywhere from the Philippines to England.
The future of Lethal Rejection is stick to what has worked for them in the past. Produce, produce, produce! They record so often that they opened their own recording studio, Day 51 Recording Studio, to go along with their own label, Day 51 Records.