Let it Go

Let it Go

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A new sound, combining Rock and Hip-hop. Its new, fresh, and catchy for music listeners everywhere.


Let it Go, a group of five ambitious young guys from West Orange, New Jersey are a fresh face in the hip hop/rock genre. Over the past two years, this emerging five-piece band has evolved their sound from pop-rock and hit the road with live shows around New York and New Jersey making stops at The Knitting Factory and The Crossroads. The band’s vibe was strong but something was missing. Vocalists Mike Smooth and Horse MC, creators of indie label Martian Music LLC, joined Let It Go, six years deep. The two MC’s, veterans in hip hop production with an album already under their belt and sales on eight online stores (including iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody) took collaborating to a new level by joining their sound with the live instruments and making the band’s music only stronger.


Let it Go is currently producing their first EP under a Hip-Rock label. Their first single, “Let ‘Em Know” preaches to artists everywhere that you don’t need to count on the larger labels to make it in the music industry.

Set List

Let'em Know
Show You How
Is it You?