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1/ Your “Paper View” mixtape was released last summer, tell us more about it.
Paper View will always be really special to me because I went through hell and headaches to put it together. It is my first project and I’m proud of it because it helped me grow as an artist as far as finding my identity and it was kinda the moment of truth for me. The music business ain’t easy and I’m aware of that. There are a lot of talented people out there, and I want to make sure I stand out by being extra selective, creative and most importantly dedicated to my craft.
2/ In your latest clip, “On tape”, we can feel your determination in your lyrics. Where does it come from?
It comes from life experiences, I’m 25, still growing and learning. As you grow, you find out that life isn’t what you thought it would be; it’s just not that simple . It’s just my point of view described word for word, how I see it , I mean what if you told your lover exactly how you felt at times of war without worrying about hurting their feelings . The world would be a different place if people were true to people.
3/ Boxing seems to be your first passion… How is it an inspiration for your career?
Trick question: According to you, who’s the best boxer? What about Lucian Bute?
It is my first passion. I started boxing when I was 10 years old so I’ve basically spent more than half of my life in boxing gyms . I was sure that I would be World Champion one day, but unfortunately for me, it didn’t go that way because I suffered an injury on my left shoulder that made it impossible for me to pursue my dream career as a prize fighter. Although music also has always been a passion for me since I was baby, (I grew up with salsa merengue and Introduced to hip hop from a very early age . My big brother Hamilton, who is also my actual manager, is really the one responsible for me being an up and coming rapper (laughs) , I mean he had me dancing to Maestro Fresh’s “Let your back bone slide” and jamming to Public Enemy in 1990 (laughs) . I literally knew the words to Nas’ and Biggie’s songs without even knowing what I was saying (laughs). But yeah, hum I take my music career really seriously. I treat it as if it was boxing because you know that you have to be willing to give your whole life to the sport to be the best at it and every time you compete you have to put your life on the line. That’s how I see it and believe me I will not lose.
Trick question answer: First of all, I respect any man that has the courage to risk his life in the boxing ring. But as boxing fan I don’t like Lucian Bute , I think he’s overrated and he got a well deserved ass whoppin’ against Carl Froch . I know good when I see good and he is no good. I’ll tell you what’s good; my good friend Dierry “Dougie Style” Jean who is one inch close to being World Champion. That’s Good.
4/ Can you talk about your collaboration with the famous producer Koudjo?
Yeah I wouldn’t call it a collabo it’s more like a teamwork , been working together for almost 2 years now . Making good records, I feel him, he feels me . He actually made me believe in myself because you know he’s seen a lot of artists and for some reason I caught his attention , he introduced me to people who I’m currently working with so you know I’ll always be grateful to him for all that.
5/ Who are you listening to on your iPhone? Who are you NOT listening to on your iPhone?
Trick question: East coast or West coast?
I don’t really have a favorite coast. I think hip hop has come to a point where everyone is taking a bit from everywhere which at the end creates hot records. Right now I’m really listening to some Frank Ocean , The Weeknd , James Blake as far as rap I’m f*****g with Kendrick Lamar , J Cole, Asap Rocky , Joey Badass , Drake and of course Nas always be on my iPhone (laughs) . I don’t really have “nots”. I mean if you have nice music, I’m there , I don’t discriminate (laughs).
6/ On February 20th, you will be performing at Meek Mill’s concert. What’s your plan afterwards?
Uhmm, we are shooting two videos in the upcoming weeks. I’ll be releasing my next single soon and we’re planning to be opening acts for artists like Meek Mill across the US. So 2013 is gonna be a big year for my team. Sky’s the limit .


Paper view (sept 2012)



Jose Mario Montalvo,better known by his stage name LE TITO writter rapper singer one of the most anticipated artist to emerge in the hip hop game today. The son of immigrant parents who fled El Salvador for Los Angeles during the Reagan years, young Tito , older brother and sister were raised in humble homes between Montreal and L.A. From a young age, he was influenced musically by the bilingual and cultural diversity of his city and Los Angeles where he spend his summers .LE TITO was as well influenced by his older brother, who introduced him to things like repertoire films, hip hop, latin music, rock music, and jazz. As he got older, he explored different genres and developed a large knowledge of music.
After an injury to his shoulder compromised the promising boxing career he had worked towards since the age of 8, Tito dove headfirst into music. By the age of twenty, Tito completed his first song, (That Day), which he wrote to clear his mind during a situation he was going through with his girlfriend. After hearing the song, his brother pushed him to continue writing, which he did, eventually compiling a ton of lyrics and rhymes. Eventually Tito came to the attention of producer Koudjo, a world-class producer who has worked with artists like Styles P and French rapper Booba, to name but a few. Both talents soon started working together alongside hot young producer D Fresh, with whom Tito bonded instantly.
Le Tito is currently working on a debut mixtape EP, doing shows across North America, and is set to release his debut video.