Let Me Crazy

Let Me Crazy


rock n roll with chunks of real beef!


"a 3 piece in the classic sense, the band harkens back to punk rock that wasnt immediately associated with shopping malls and puppy love. influence from the stooges, the damned, black flag and the who are worn proudly on their sleeves, but the band themselves draw inspiration from they might be giants, the wipers, big black, 60's psychadelia, surf and hardcore thrash.
chris baltrus (guitar/vocals) had been playing in the arrogant sons of bitches for the better part of a decade before starting the livingbrooks, first as a band whose name changed at every show and had a revolving door of members. eventually the lineup solidified with matt kurz on drums and jake freemont on bass ("night of the livingbrooks" album available on quoteunquoterecords.com). 6 years after the livingrooks unceremoniously imploded, let me crazy began in a post-katrina new orleans. a local following quickly assembled, then while chris was back in ny at a slint show with jake, the decision was made to return to ny, where the band has been uncompromisingly active since. 60+ shows this year, making a ton of new pals, touring , recording their debut, painting houses, pouring drinks, reading charts, monkey knife fights...
good art has the power to reach out and touch, but how appropriate the touching is only relative to yr personal and collective desires to get rocked. go forth and touch."
- berry torso from 'guns and driver' magazine 1998


"rattlecan reverb land" demo
"practice makes practice" 8 track recording
debut reciord for quote unquote recirds due out in september

Set List

our sets range from a half hour to an hour. we can play up to about 20 originals and play interesting covers from they might be giants, the who, black flag, the wipers, parliament funkadelic, pink floyd, jesus and mary chain as well as all our old livingbrooks catalogue