Let's Go Sailing

Let's Go Sailing

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Let's Go Sailing is well thought out and incredibly catchy. Trained in classical piano from a young age, Shana Levy, the driving force in the band, draws on her roots and infuses them with strong pop influences to create music which is both melodically unpredictable and heartfelt.


In November of 2002, Levy left Irving to pursue Let's Go Sailing. She asked friends Tanya Haden, Nikki Monninger, Brent Turner and Byron Reynolds (Possum Dixon) to work on an album’s worth of material and soon enough they began working on a demo with Chris Chandler (Flaming Lips/Modest Mouse/Elliott Smith) and Rod Cervera (The Rentals/Weezer). The recording process quickly gained momentum and, with the help of Chris, Jim Putnam (Radar Bros.), and Ben Mumphrey (The Pixies/Frank Black), they decided to make a hi-fi record independently. The result is the 11 song LP “The Chaos in Order.” The band's lawyer, John Strohm who is a musician as well (Blake Babies/Lemonheads) is currently sending the full record out to labels as is their manager, Helena Ngo.


self released demo "Icicles EP"
sold almost 1000 copies off website, at shows and at local record stores in L.A.
As far as radio airplay, “Weekend Becomes Eclectic” among other shows on KCRW 89.9 FM is playing songs from the demo, along with "Rodney on the ROQ” from KROQ 106.7, "Check One Two" on INDIE 103.1, and KXLU 88.9 FM plays it on regular rotation, especially on "Demolisten." Scott Register recently took a liking to them at WRAX in Birmingham and has been playing them regularly on his show. The demo has also been added to rotation at several college radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Most recently, Anne Litt, the host of “Weekend Becomes Eclectic” picked the demo for her “Best of 2004” show.

Set List

Sets are usually 30-40 minutes. From 7-10 songs.