Letter 8

Letter 8


We write catchy, powerful tunes in an alternative rock style. The music can be described as progressive, jagged-edged and original. We're not tyring to make it big - we just love cranking the amps and jamming.


Letter 8 is a band based in Madison, WI with over 30 years of cumulative musical experience amongst its members.

Although we do play some covers, we mostly write our own songs. We have two full length albums of released studio material.

We've recently added a new bass player to the lineup - Matty Douglas, formerly with 'The Woods'. For now, we're looking for local shows so we can promote our new album, entitled "Beauty & Bad Days".


Beauty & Bad Days (2009)

- Habit
- Gravity
- Peace of Mind
- Asking Legs
- Beauty & Bad Days
- Islands
- Middle By Noon
- Warm
- Ransom
- Happiness
- Partner In Crime

Character Flaw (2005)

- How Can You Be So Sure
- See You When I Get There
- Fly
- Little Miss Big Plans
- Hairbrush
- Alive
- Enough
- Therapy
- Full Circle
- When It Comes Around
- I Could Be

Set List

We play around 70% original music, 30% covers.

Covers include:
Counting Crows
Snow Patrol