BandR&BHip Hop

this group is three of the most talented singers this decade has seen. Derived straight from the streets with no slack being given to them, they will use this mentality when marking their territory in the music business and let the world know they are here to stay!


Letter # 10 This Ain’t R&B It’s practically common knowledge that a major aspect of what makes music contemporary is not only when it is made, but also by whom it is made. The names J-Bless, J-G and J-Lee are expected to be the household name Letter # 10. Over the past 50 years many innovative recording artist have enhanced the R&B and Soul music genres, each giving their own flavor to the genres creating various sub-genres. From Sam Cooke ushering in Soul, artists like Marvin Gaye R&B. James Brown and the Funk era, Michael Jackson to R.Kelly, all are considered to be trailblazers of a genre. Furthermore all helped shape what was viewed as contemporary during their time and Atlanta, Georgia natives Letter # 10 is in line to be the next ground-breaking artist. Letter # 10 will be the first to tell you that their music does not fit in any pre-existing genre. “This ain’t R&B.” “What this is, is something that’s never been done before”. R&G, Urban Soul, or whatever one classifies it as, Letter # 10's music resonates with the souls of this current generation. Largely because their music unlike any other singers’ reflects the perspective of today’s generation and what’s going on now, in relationships, in the hood, in the club, and in pop-culture. Furthermore, Letter # 10 possesses a very unique style. They all come from families of singers but primarily because they are also rappers, they approach music differently from a vast majority of singers. However they still manage to have the flair of a classical singer. Moreover, they have the uncanny ability to merge creativity, personal and general experiences and hardships to produce unique lyrics and song concepts at an instance. And the industry has taken note. Letter # 10 has worked with artist such as, Dem Franchize Boyz, Montana Da Mac, L.A of Trillville, Lil Jon, Khao, Dolla, Cyco,Snoop,Gucci Mane and many more artists helping to establish themselves as constant in the industry. Letter # 10 respects those who came before them and that is partially why they don't consider the music they make conventional R&B or Soul. “I know that the greats are the greats because they brought their own significant contributions to the music.” “They did the music that they where inspired to do and that inspired their listeners, and that’s what were doing.” And what has inspired the people over the course of history is music that they can identify with and music that tells the stories and plights of their generation. Hence, what contemporary is now is Letter # 10.


Sadity Swagg, Shine, Porno, Sticks & Stones, and Accapella.

Set List

Letter#10 has a basic set which consist of 3 songs and lasts 15 minutes. This can change depending upon your needs, whether there is a need for more songs to lengthen the performance or shorten it. The group has a catalog of over 15 songs. we currently do not do covers but if there is a request we will try our best to full fill all needs.