The Letter Red

The Letter Red


Not concerned with fitting in or keeping up with scene politics, The Letter Red stay busy writing heartfelt songs that strike a chord with the listener and playing energetic rocknroll shows geared toward entertaining the fans, not stroking band egos.


The Letter Red is a five piece post-punk outfit from Columbia, SC with a knack for keeping things interesting. Defying categorization and intermixing a wide array of dynamic influences from '80's British Metal to Indie Rock and Pop Punk has helped establish The Letter Red as the best kept secret in the southeast's music scene. Tight vocal harmonies, strong progressive rhythms and fast paced melodic change ups make for memorable songs that offer the listener something new with every press of the repeat button. With much of 2004 spent polishing the sound and a few performances, 2005 will see alot of action from The Letter Red. Plans in the making include: 6-10 shows a month in various markets, a 45 day,19 state summer tour, various showcases,studio work, and opening performances with various national/regional acts, all while working full time jobs and attending college. The Letter Red is managed by Blynd Luck Management, from Columbia SC.(


The Letter Red - Self Titled EP (independent release)
Black Dahlia-WKZQ, Myrtle Beach SC
Lesson Ten-Wkzq, Myrtle Beach SC

Set List

Writing Down the Reasons (unreleased)
In The Dark (EP)
Better Living Through Ignorance (EP)
Black Dahlia (EP)
A Cautionary Tale (unreleased)
Beginning of Eight (EP)
Redirect the World (unreleased)
Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi Cover)