Letters in Red

Letters in Red


High-engergy, catchy riffs over melodic vocals. Originally different, yet mainstream enough to be easily marketable.


Letters in Red is an aggressive, fast-paced, modern rock band based out of Baton Rouge, LA. Formed in October 2006 the quartet has traveled the circuit from Alaska to southern Florida. Rhett, Jason, Adam and Blake all take pride in their energetic live performance, while enjoying building a personal relationship with their rapidly growing fan base. Letters in Red experienced a great first year with over 200 dates booked across the U.S. They’ve also opened for national acts: Trapt and Three Six Mafia. Letters in Red has also been featured on MyScene T.V., The Advocate (Baton Rouge newspaper), Tiger Weekly (LSU newspaper) and The Advocate on-line.
Letters in Red is truly devoted to their dreams of music, the thrill of the stage and connection made among all spectators. With every aspect of the band astounding, it should be enjoyed by everyone along it’s rocked path. This is a band that sells what they believe to their fans, while sharing a passion and love for music individually. To see this band play live will make you join along the screaming crowd. This band is worth it’s hype.


Members (Adam and Blake) performed bass and drum tracks for: Nascar Nation (2006 - Fox/Speed) and The Chase is On (2006 - Fox/Speed)

Set List

1. 311-Down
2. Weezer-Say it Ain’t So
3. Toadies-Possum Kingdom
4. Billy Idol-Rebel Yell
5. The Cars-Just What I Needed
6. Sublime-What I Got
7. Buck Cherry-Crazy Bitch
8. Nirvana-Breed
9. Tool-Stinkfist
10. 10 Years-Wasteland
11. Gnarls Barkley-Gone, Daddy, Gone
12. Rage Against the Machine-Bulls on Parade
13. Metallica-Enter Sandman
14. Blink 182-All the Small Things
15. Fallout Boy-This Ain’t a Scene
16. All American Rejects-Dirty Little Secret
17. Jimmy Eat World-The Middle
18. Panic! At the Disco-I Write Sins not Tragedies
19. Brian Adams-Summer of 69
20. Fallout Boy-Dance, Dance
21. My Chemical Romance-Helena
22. Sublime-Santeria
23. Gin Blossoms-Hey Jealousy
24. The Outfield-Your Love
25. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Face Down
26. Nirvana-Rape Me
27. Fallout Boy-Sugar We’re Going Down
28. Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun
29. Pearl Jam-Yellow Ledbetter
30. Tool-Sober
31. Filter-Hey Man Nice Shot
32. Radiohead-Creep
33. Three Days Grace-Animals
34. Kill