Letters To Mabel

Letters To Mabel


An acoustic based band with a very unacoustic feel. When The songs are played they have a pulsing, syncopated feel with very heartfelt and true lyrics which are most definitely the cornerstone of Letters To Mabel's popularity.


"You gotta see these guys play!" (Debbie Bello, MTVu Best Music on Campus) "A show that's not worth missing."

After making a number of voyages into Ontario and working with legendary Producer, Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Tea Party, Bee Gees, Alexisonfire) Letters to Mabel will finally have a recording that can hold up to their well-known live performances which have steadily been drawing larger and larger audiences. With the release of this CD, which should be very soon (no date yet), LTM will finally be able to spread their word of mouth reputation to a national level.

With a sound not unlike a combination of Maroon Five and Ani Difranco, LTM tries and succeds in giving their fan base what they want and what is hard to come by these days. An acoustic sound that is built on prose-like and sympathetic lyrics, with a pocket that makes 'em dance.

Letters To Mabel and their fans have established an important and unique niche in Buffalo's flourishing indie music scene and will soon, without a doubt have a place nationally.


Debut E.P. coming soon